Fairyland LittleFee Discussion Thread - Part 33

Nov 26, 2018

    1. Ah. No, not to my knowledge. They've had faceplates since the first LTFs years ago. Though you can remove the headback along with the faceplate if you wanted.
    2. @clochette Ah, damn. Nah, I'd rather not have to deal with a faceplate since I'm disabled and wouldn't be able to position eyes. Kinda wish that really wasn't the case here, because all of the LTFs are adorable. Thanks for answering me, though.
    3. [​IMG]

      Lexi is being a bit shy, but she wants to join the new thread. It's been so long since she's visited her friends here.
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    4. brightberry,
      Oh thank you! She came with such poor makeup)) And eyelashes from one eye almost fell off. We had to really try to make her look cute)) She already went to a new make-up by the artist))
      Thank you)) Furniture is my theme)) And your outfits are simply unusually gorgeous! They are perfect! Your boys are beautiful!
      Lexi very pretty) Let her not be shy, we are very pleased with her. Charming little lady.
    5. Darkwind, Lexi is so sweet.
    6. My LittleFee Ante Elf Milada is back with a new make-up! I am happy!) I do not let her out of my hands. It’s a pity that I have to go to work and can’t take her with me.
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    7. Wow, and what an adorable outfit too!
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    8. bugs6946,
      Thank you very much! I am very pleased) We are friends with plywood and leather more than with fabric, so this is a compliment for me)) I always try hard when I sew for dolls.
    9. @Master JuliaS - She's lovely! The way she's painted reminds me of MiniFee Mirwen, who happens to be my favorite FL sculpt. I love how she's styled: her dress, the hair ribbons and the sandals. Perfect!
    10. Oh she is stunning! I like this little one very much indeed. :)


      Here's my Pippin (Pipi) taking it easy at home, she's a little under the weather today.


      And here's my Jazz (Reni) who's taking care of Pippin while she's feeling blue. :)

      Mallory, this is a Fairyland basic face up.

      Lovely! I do like those little sandals she's wearing, did you make them? :)
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    11. I made Aelin some overalls by hand while waiting for replacement machine needle that held up the SD pair I was working on.

      [​IMG]Space pants
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    12. vermont chick,
      Thank you very much! I really like to do everything for dolls, and it is so nice when it turns out well. Still, between the clothes for dolls and furniture for them - a big difference)
      Xanadu Dolls,
      Your Pippin charming! I like the makeup of both dolls! In general, you have my favorite molds) I would like them at home too) Jazz - generally my dream!
      I am very, very pleased that you liked the sandals) Yes, I made them myself. I cut out the soles of plywood)) I, nevertheless, a furniture maker, do you see?)

      She is very beautiful! What kind of mold is this?) The jumpsuit is wonderful.) I really like it!
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    13. Thank you. You're very talented, I like your furniture too. :)
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    14. Aelin is an El elf.
    16. So many cuties since I last checked the thread!

      Here's my Connor taking a selfie of him and Gavin holding hands for the first time XD
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    17. Connors clothes are amazing! I'm sorry if it's been asked before, but did you make them?
    18. Thanks so much! And lord, no, haha. I know my way around a sewing machine but that kind of detail is a little out of my reach XD I commissioned Marishka from Beyond Wonderland here on DoA for it! They do great work!
    19. I'm trying not to laugh. I was JUST looking at their comission page! Their work is stunning! Your boys are super cute
    20. Hey Everyone :) I've been very 'out' of the community for a while... I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to rekindle bjd love? I was considering re-inventing some of my doll's characters completely to see if that re-interests me. I made their characters back in 2009. I like to think I've grown and changed as a person since then, so who knows?
      I'd love to hear about your dolls and their stories/personalities :)