Fairyland LittleFee Discussion Thread - Part 33

Nov 26, 2018

    1. I think reinventing is the way to go. I've lost love, sent off for a face-up, new outfit and boom, there it is again!

      On a different subject. Does anyone know if the Living Deal doll clothes fit Littlefee? They're making the twins from the Shining and OMG I want that as a costume for my Littlefee sister dolls that hold hands.
    2. You are in luck, I'm going to my mums tomorrow where my livingdead dolls are being stored :) I'll bring some clothes back with me and get some pictures for you tomorrow night if you wish? :)

      And as for reinventing my dolls I think it might help too :) I'm considering being rid of my shiwoo elf faceplate thou... and just using my chiwoos sleeping faceplate on the other body... will make them more twin like ^^ But I'm still thinking about things :)
    3. Wow she is absolutely beautiful! I just love her smile! She sooooo reminds me of Matilda In this picture! She is really darling
    4. That would be wonderful, thank you!

      You know, I always thought I loved the more natural face-ups, but when I did something different, like black lips on my Littlefee Soso, I adore it. Funny how they change how you think. All of my kids have their own personalities and styles. They make me so happy!
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    5. Hey everyone! Life has been so hectic for me I've barely had time for my dolls. I'm glad they don't actually complain about the neglect, though sometimes I *swear* I can hear Joren whining to me about not being spoiled enough lately, lol. :sweat I've fallen in love with my new phone though, since it takes such great pictures (at least in my opinion). I just wish I had more space, because it feels like I'm taking the same pictures over and over again! Anyway, Joren says HI and wants you all to have a great day. <3

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    6. I love her dress!
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    7. Life has been a bit pants this past few years but I've finally finished the faceup for my Littlefee Rendia. Her eyes are by CandyKitten and her wig is by natrume, both on Etsy. I also got her dress on Etsy as well, trying to remember who made it.

      [​IMG]Littlefee Rendia by Ali MacTavish-Riach, on Flickr
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    8. Wow, gorgeous

    9. Yes they do perfectly! My friend was a huge collector! Half her little fees are in ldd clothing
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    10. Thank you so much! That helps me make plans!
    11. Does anyone else have a doll that always has -that-one-hair- sticking up in every picture? As much as I try to smooth it down, the flyaway makes me giggle looking back - it always manages to catch the light.

      324/365 Looking Up
      by Trillian, on Flickr
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    12. Thanks Mallory. I like dolls that smile, they make me feel happy when I look at them. AND if they have teeth showing, I'm over the moon! :hug:
    13. My happiness is back with makeup!
      LittleFee Leah. My Nika))
      Love-love-love her!
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    14. I love how cute and 'childlike' the littlefee can be!
    15. I just love watching these threads :3 I'll try bringing a photo of my little ones soon. The only one I have on my phone right now is a naked line-up of my Littlefees and I don't think anyone is waiting to see those, haha~

      I am looking for Littlefee Flora, does anyone have photos of her? Bonus points if it's a custom face-up. She interests me but on every photo I found it seems like her head is a bazillion times smaller than other Littlefee.
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    16. Hello everyone:) I too have been on doll hiatus for quite a long time, I used to lurk in the Littlefee threads and post a picture once in a long while. I still have my little ones though and still love them dearly:). Last weekend I was digging through my box of doll stuff that had been sitting untouched for literal years, looking for a wig, but instead I found this outfit I still had. I stuck my little Sebby in it and I LOVE how it looks on him (yes, him, he rocks skirts and frills though, obviously)! He seems to be practicing his demonic beckoning skills now that I let him out of the doll cabinet and back into the world:P . He's a vampire Chiwoo with the large event wings from 2012 or so and Leeke horns.

      [​IMG]lil demon boy by jefvonk, on Flickr
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    17. eilidh has hair that always sticks up in the back no matter what i do, i mostly just embrace it as part of her.
      [​IMG]rocket pillow by onebluestocking, on Flickr
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    18. [​IMG]
      eilidh has been busy growing some very unusual pumpkins this year. here is the first of her harvest.
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    19. That is a very unusual and beautiful pumpkin!