Fairyland LittleFee Discussion Thread - Part 33

Nov 26, 2018

    1. @Gwydion - Congratulations on your Lisa and very good luck to you waiting until Christmas to open her. Best thing, I think, is to wrap the box in Christmas paper and put it away where you can't see it. (Waiting until Christmas has never worked for me. I never last past the second day.:lol:)
    2. Yay l well be getting a little fee EI girl in normal skin. Now to find Goth/lolita clothes.
    3. The photo is the new Littlefee Rabbit fullset. There are issues with the promotional photo's original wig. That photo is with the new wig that will ship with the full set.
    4. Thanks! I'm usually pretty good at this sort of thing especially since she is my only gift & I still want that Christmas morning magic of getting a new doll. I'm just leaving her in her shipping box & will open that instead of wrapping her.
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    5. Ooh, she's very pretty, @clochette! Is Lennox a Chloe?
    6. Yes, she's a tan Chloe with a FL faceup. I just love the Chloe sculpt, and she's one of the most photogenic dolls I have.
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    7. Your Lennox is lovely! I have a Chloe too & really love her. She makes a wonderful company for Fern (Ante) especially she is so girly & Fern's a mischief maker.
    8. Lennox is lovely, her eyes are stunning and I love her wig.
    9. Thank you so much...her eyes are Safrindoll eyes, and her wig is by Fantasydolls on Etsy. I highly recommend both!
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    10. DDE just confirmed that she is a new Littlefee probably coming out next year!! I KNEW IT
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    11. Oh she looks like the female child version of Niella probably spelled his name wrong.
    12. What a wonderful new face! Now it's going to be a toss-up between her & Lishe come this summer/
    13. [​IMG]

      I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to shell a character from one of my favorite childhood shows. This gal is Wednesday Addams. I also don't know where she got this knife but I can't get it away from her now. I'm a little scared at this point.
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    14. Ladymissjenni your wenesday is cute and yes keep all pointie things out of reach.
    15. Isn't it Rabi? The post was on the Rabi sales page to let customers know that the default wig had been changed.
    16. Wahhhh this has me wanting to cuddle all my littlefees! I have lishe and juri13 hopefully hope from the artist this week!! Can’t wait to post them!! I’ll need to figure out how to link pictures using the URL though, I’m hopeless! :XD:
    17. No, it isn't :3 It's Rabis wig but they used another Littlefee for this picture.
      A friend said that it could be a Littlefee Eva and I think that fits! ♥ But Niella would also fit <3
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    18. I hope you're right but it doesn't make much sense to me that they'd have a casted face finished already and not have listed her with the others. Plus, I haven't seen anything about another new LTF on Kim SunHwa's Facebook. Just strange. But, again, I hope that's the case, so there'd be another LTF in the pipeline.
    19. Great likeness even her expression. She will be trouble, don't get her brother, she may try to do him in :shudder
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