Fairyland LittleFee Discussion Thread - Part 33

Nov 26, 2018

    1. I see your point! But I don't know why DenverDoll should lie to us >\\\\<
    2. Lisa update...It's now Dec 6 so I only have 19 more days until she gets out. She'll have some new clothes too to play with. Gads, I'm excited!

      On another subject completely, how do you post pics here? I've gotten the formula for the Marketplace down but don't know what to trim or leave here. I'm using Flicker for photo hosting.
    3. Hello, I haven’t looked on here for such a long time. Littlefee are my first bjd love but the last couple years I’ve been collecting minifee and Feeple60. My littlefee have been ignored. I still love them. Yesterday I decided to buy a Bisou and a Lea from DDE because they are in stock, and I have had the both of them on my wish list for like 8 years. I’m so excited to get them. I will have to take a little group photo after they arrive. The new two will make seven for me. I will have a small classroom. My littlefee can go ignored for a while but every time I pick one up it’s love all over again. They are so sweet. I love how they feel in your hands, and the weight of the resin just feels spectacular. I think of them as my forever little kids. My youngest real child is going to graduate high school this year. I really miss his chubby little cheeks.
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    4. We're allowed one picture per post, and it has to have one of the topic dolls in it. I believe you're not allowed to use pictures also used in a Marketplace listing.

      With Flicker, you use the BB tag in the share menu, just copy/paste.
    5. That BB tag never works for me. I copy/paste, but then I have to remove everything outside the img tag.
    6. Thank you! I'll try that. My girls would love to be seen.
    7. With the BBCode you need to just paste into the message box. If you use the little picture tage at the top, it won't work because you are nesting the html codes.
    8. I do paste directly into the message box, but I still have to remove everything outside the img tags or I get the dreaded red X and what looks like a link to the photo.
    9. That's strange! I haven't done it in a while!
    10. I just cut/paste into the message box, but I'm using a Chrome on a Mac. Maybe it's a platform or browser difference.
    11. I suspect you're right. I use Microsoft Edge. It kind of leaves me on the Edge of my seat with my teeth on Edge.
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    12. I was curious, would anyone here happen to know when The mold Lisa was released? I see her on DDE and think she is adorable but I haven’t seen many pictures of her here at all. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, or maybe she is pretty new?
    13. Lisa was released in late December 2012. If you go to FL's image blog and click on Little Fee under "Notice", you will get a list of dolls in that line for which the blog has photos. This was a sneaky one, as the header said only "Open--Fairy of Snow (Little Fee)". You had to know or guess that Lisa and Reni were the dolls they meant.
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    14. While I don't know when she was released, I'm getting Lisa for Christmas. I found her here on the Marketplace & fell in love. So if I ever figure exactly how to get photos to show up here, I'll post her then. She has a factory face-up, sleeping faceplate with factory face-up & 2 sets of hands. She's waiting untouched in the bedroom & I will wait until Christmas to open her. Such temptation!
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    15. She came out in 2012, WOW was I off thinking she is newer!! Wow.... thanks so much. I decided to go ahead and order one from DDE because they have some in stock. I think she is cute, if I end up not liking her I figure I can re-sell her. I bet I will love her though. I just got my Bisou and Lea a couple days ago and they are adorable. I’ve been waiting to take a group photo when I have all of them together. I have to admit, I still want several others. I need more boys in my crew !

      I have the same problem with photos. I use Flickr with my cell phone and all I can seem to share is a link to the photo I wish to show. So that’s cool we both have a Lisa on the way for Christmas ! Sounds like a great Christmas will be had....:3nodding:
    16. It will be a LittleFee Christmas!
    17. My Lisa is currently undergoing surgery! A new face up, and she's getting elf ears. I can't wait to see her all done!
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    18. @Brenay - Lisa makes a perfect little boy. He's adorable! Congrats!
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    19. @Brenay, your little boy is so cute, I really love his little pouty face ! :aheartbea
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