Fairyland LittleFee Discussion Thread - Part 33

Nov 26, 2018

    1. Love your boy!
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    2. Thank you so much Olga Borontova :)

      Thank you so much bugs6946 :)

      Awe, thank you Ryu :)
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    3. He is adorable!
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    4. Thanks so much Brenay :)
    5. Here's my littlefee Rachel who I named Lily <3 I made the socks awhile ago and found they really work with this outfit! Wish my phone took better pictures though :...(

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    6. Ryuichi, Olga, thank you for your comments. My little Jedi boy is quite the character.

      Oh, a Rachel! So sweet! I like the bows on your girl's socks!
    7. fethers
      Hello sister Lily!!! My name is Ray!
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    8. Hey everyone :3nodding:
      This is Amalee, shes my first littlefee <3

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    9. Another Rachel! She's very cute indeed.

      I love her look, congrats on your first LTF. I had a student last year named Amalie, such an unusual name.
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    10. another Rachel! Her dress is precious!!
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    11. clochette
      Thank you for your kind words!

      You're very kind! Thank you for your kind words!
    12. So many cute dolls! :D

    13. My LittleFee twins, Ukko-Pekka and Urho-Poika got new summer outfits:
      [​IMG]Twins by spih_2, on Flickr
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    14. spih
      Cool boys!!!!! Cheerful sailors!
    15. Oh, now they are adorable! What wig are they wearing?
    16. They have Fairyland "LFW-40 Blond for LittleFee" wigs.
    17. Thank you! It's a very nice boy wig, I will go check it out.
    18. My very first LittleFee, a Shiwoo boy shipped today! WOOT! :dance I can't wait to get him home! I ordered him through DDE on April 29th, and he shipped today, July 14th, so only 77 days total, or 53 US working days, which isn't too bad, considering COVID mail slowups.

      I've wanted a LTF Shiwoo ever since FL first came out with the Little Cat fullset back in the day. :love I'm eventually going to make him a similar outfit. I guess it will take a while to make since I only know how to hand-sew. I do already have some similar pieces that I found online, so I have a start.

      Oh man, I need to order the furry fabric I'll need for his Cat outfit...but what color? He's a redhead so.... *thinks* :?

      So many cuties, thank you all for showing me them while I waited on my boy! :XD:

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    19. Congratulations @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 ! I'm so happy to hear you'll have your Little Shiwoo soon. I, too, was enamored of the Little Cat fullset when I bought mine back in 2009. The fullset was sold out at the time so I bought the basic doll and made his outfit myself. Of course, by the time I finished it didn't look like the Little Cat, mostly because I didn't make the cat-eared hat or the paw mittens. :lol: (I know, they're the best part of the outfit, but I didn't know how to make them without a pattern.)

      I did find a pattern online for the pumpkin pants, a cropped top and socks. I used cotton for the pants and a tee shirt fabric for the top and socks. If I were to make the rest of the outfit I'd go for a faux fur type fabric. Not too thick because you want it easy to sew. You can pretty much go with any color you like for a redhead, except maybe red, orange or pink. Something that looks like cat hair would be fun.

      I re-homed my Shiwoo a few years ago, but here's an old photo of him with Lishe.
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