Fairyland LittleFee Discussion Thread - Part 33

Nov 26, 2018

    1. Your little boy Lisa is adorable! Works so well as a boy.
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    2. @Brenay Oh my, he is adorable Q/////Q We have one character left we want to have as a Littlefee boy and I think we have to choose Lisa as well >////< I had no idea how cute they are as little guys x/D ♥
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    3. I’m so glad you guys like Lisa as a male. It was kind of a split decision to make Lisa a boy. I have SO MANY GIRLS ! I love them but boys are sweet too.
    4. Oh man I haven't been on this side of the forum in ages! I have a ltf Bisou that I had been contemplating selling for awhile now since I hadn't wound up doing much with her... but then my sister had the brilliant idea to give her a makeover and turn her into Connor from Detroit: Become Human. He's gonna be so damn cute, I'm excited! Granted, that means I'm probably going to wind up getting a second bisou to be RK900 but... 8'D ah well, lol. I already ordered the hair and eyes for him, plus some basic clothes, so I'll post pics once I have at least those in hand!
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    5. @Hakari-chan Squee!! Tiny Connor! Oh that will be so cute. I look forward to seeing him!:XD:
    6. I finally opened my Lisa Christmas morning & she is a beauty! Her eyes need changed & the magnets need glued in her head & faceplate before I photograph her but I'm in love. Been down with a bad cold so haven't played with her much but did manage to get some clothes on her. That makes 3 Little Fees for me when all I originally wanted was Ante!
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    7. Congratulations, @Gwydion! LTFs are very much like potato chips, you really can't have just one! I originally didn't want any at all ;) and am up to eight!
    8. Congrats @Gwydion! I hope your cold gets better soon so you can get Lisa ready for photos.

      It always amazes me that magnets can shake themselves loose during transit and yet, when an owner mistakenly glues one in backwards, you can't get them out again for love or money.
    9. I think the companies use less glue than we do!
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    10. Thanks! Actually the magnets weren't in the doll's head at all. I knew I would have to put them in when I bought her. I've just been too groggy to do it yet. Definitely want to get them in the right way cause as you say, they won't want to come out .

      They are addictive! I'm already picking out my next one.
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    11. I honestly think it's probably more about transit... after all, how do we get magnets out? We freeze 'em! And even though cargo holds don't get as cold as our home freezers, the dolls spend a lot more time there in the low temperatures, so I'm not really all that surprised that the glue gets a little brittle in transit sometimes, now that I'm seriously thinking about it. :)

      @Gwydion, who are you looking at next?
    12. Okay so my Rendia just came from DDE and her head back does not have the little turn key. Instead it looks like a tiny bar that has been glued to her body so she can't be taken apart for re-stringing, this is very odd. Did Fairyland change the Little Fee head back???
    13. Derlian, my Littlefees have a bar across the neck. Attached to it if you look is a small S hook holding the neck on. I have tightened my Bisou’s elastic which required me to remove that hook. It was fiddley but can be done.
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    14. Ah I see, kind of reminds me of how my older Narae is with a little bar in her head instead of a S hook, thanks for the info!
    15. That's how they've always been from the very first LTFs, and they can easily be taken apart for restringing. :) Is Rendia your first one? Do you have pictures yet?
    16. Has anyone ordered the new Niya or Rabi. I'm really keen to see customer photos.
    17. Happy New Year everyone!!! Joren is here to wish you all good tidings. Here she is, exploring the wilderness, aka my parents' backyard. She likes to pretend she's scaling a vast mountain!

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    18. Beautiful photo Redfaery
    19. Well it looks like a pretty big mountain for her! It's a lovely spot for photos and she looks adorable!