Fairyland LittleFee Discussion Thread - Part 33

Nov 26, 2018

    1. @Redfaery - That's a lovely spot for a small fairy to perch. I love Joren.:love
    2. She is my first and last Little Fee, will try to take some pics of her, blank and naked.
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    3. I'm thinking of Lishe or possibly El just to get a boy in the group. Do you think freezing a magnet will make it smaller? The magnets are just a tad too large to fit in the faceplate opening.
    4. Joran is lovely! She looks like a wood fairy posing so prettily on the rocks.
    5. @Gwydion - I'm no scientist, so what I say may not make perfect scientific sense, but my impression is that freezing breaks down the bond in the glue, which then releases the magnet.
    6. That's what I thought about my first one. ;) Good luck with sticking to it, and I'll look forward to pictures when you get her ready!

      I don't think it will (freezing seems to make glue brittle, based on my experiences fixing boxes of frozen food), but possibly heating the faceplate would allow it to flex enough to fit the magnet in there. Otherwise I'd just gently sand the opening until it fits.
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    7. Or just buy a smaller magnet. Dollmore has reasonable shipping on small orders.
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    8. Well right now the faceplate is staying on okay without the magnet. I might try sanding when I'm bored, such a mindless job. I can't imagine trying to handle any smaller magnets as these thing are so teeny as is. Thank for all of your suggestions. You're a great crew!
    9. She's adorable! I love her sculpt!

      This is my Luna
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    10. Another suggestion @Gwydion - I have occasionally--and successfully--filled empty magnet holes with a small wad of eye putty. I'm not sure I've done it with a doll as large as LTF, however; I've used it with tinier dolls.

      @Annaku - Your Luna looks so sweet! I love her costume.
    11. Annaku, your Luna is spectacular! Such a lovely photo of her.

      Vermont Chick, thanks for another suggestion.
    12. My Lisa is just back from her face-up!
      She was originally planned to shell an OC< but it seems she has a bit of a temper and disagrees with the idea. She's extremely sassy! But I love her anyway, so I'll just make something else of her ^^
    13. Yeah, they do that. You have all these plans, and then they get home and have a mind of their own.
    14. They definitely do! I've stopped trying to make characters & just let the doll tell me her name & what's she/he likes. It makes life much simpler. Like my new girl Faith (Fairyland Little Fee Lisa), I thought she was going to be rather quiet & shy. Turns out she's an imp & just as bad as Fern. One just never knows...
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    16. :( My sibling's littlefee was just stolen from their work car. I came in here to find a picture for the Stolen thread and instead found everyone else's adorable kids.
    17. My work vehicle was broken into today, and my backpack was stolen, with my darling Fray inside it. I am devastated and heartbroken, especially knowing that the person who stole her was after the electronics in the car and probably is just going to throw her in the trash. I keep looking at her empty spot on my desk and bursting into tears. I don't know if it's a good or terrible idea to look at pictures of other wonderful Littlefees right now, but I know I'm glad that there are people who understand what I've lost.

      [​IMG]Fray. Stolen, missing since 1/24/19. by pinkandyellowcupcake, on Flickr
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    18. Oh gods @pinkandyellow that's so awful! I really hope you can get her back somehow. :( I've had a doll stolen from me before and it's very violating to lose such a personal possession. I'm so sorry.
    19. So very sorry to hear this. I’m hoping your backpack will be found with Fray safely inside - as you say the thief was not interested in anything other than electronics. Maybe you can put up notifications in the area it was stolen in hope it alerts public to look out for her.
    20. I am so sorry for your loss. I can just imagine how you feel:sorry