Fairyland LittleFee Discussion Thread - Part 33

Nov 26, 2018

    1. So sad for your loss, @pinkandyellow. I hope you have notified the police about the theft. I doubt they'll recover the electronics, but the backpack itself--with Fray in it--might turn up unharmed.
    2. What a shame! But hopefully if the thief just wanted electronics, your Fray will be found unharmed. I know how you feel, having something precious stolen from you & it's miserable.
    3. I appreciate everyone trying to console, but I really don't want to work up hope. It was a high crime area, the thief had to have a car to carry the heavier things they took, and she could be in any dumpster in Calumet City. If I let myself hope that I'll get her back, I think it'll be worse. I did report it, though, sent the police a picture, just in case.
    4. I am sorry for your loss. Will your car insurance cover the loss? I know it wouldn't be Fray, but perhaps in time another LTF could join her in your heart and make that hole smaller.
    5. I don't think so, but that's worth looking into. It wasn't my car (thankfully); I'll have to ask work people about the insurance we have.
    6. @pinkandyellow - If it was a work vehicle I would think it has to be insured, especially with multiple drivers. The company wouldn't want to be found liable in case of accident--and break-ins do happen, unfortunately.
    7. I would check with your own insurance also.
    8. OMG. So very sorry. Nothing can replace the love you've invested in her, but the others are right, the sheer cost involved...and don't forget the price of her faceup and whatever outfit she had on...company insurance really should cover.

      On the personal front...Wiishu and I are hoping to rejoin the ranks here. It's been awhile since we've been active. He wanted to drop in and say "hi" and I'd like to ask if anyone remembers a LF faceplate from probably 2014. It must have been a limited run because I just don't see it anymore. It had a wonderfully wicked little smile, elf ears and rather narrow eyes. I really want to do the Seiten Taisei version of Goku from Saiyuki/Saiyuki Reload and the sleeping FP would have modded perfectly. I had a request for it on the MP for a long time, but it's long gone now. Anyone remember this little fella?

      Anyway...a little Wiishu spam from his visit to the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit:
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    9. Welcome back @Vindalootoo ! I'm glad to see you and Wiishu again.
    10. Thank you! RL has really gotten in the way the last few years. :D
    11. I finally got around to taking some pictures of this girl - she definitely needs a new faceup, and probably a bath. But the pictures turned out okay anyways!

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    12. New faceup is sure your choice, but that cute red wig certainly goes with the one she's got!
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    13. I'd definitely keep it, but she's got some chips on her chin and near her lips :(
    14. Wow...I went to the link and zoomed in and didn't see anything. Did you photoshop them out? Funny how we "moms" and "dads" can spot things!
    15. No, they just didn't show up much in the photos I took (and I suppose my editing may have made them less noticeable). They're more obvious in person! I'm actually really surprised at how little you can see them in the pictures. She's also got a bit of discolouration near the top of her faceplate (presumably from a wig), which is easy to hide but just makes her look dirty :/

    16. @ohbumblebee Now that you've pointed them out I can kind of see the scuffs in the shot above, but they're really not too bad. She's just not quite ready for her close-ups!

      I always find that awkward point between when you start noticing a face-up's damage and when you finally have to give in and get a repaint to be so nerve wracking. I hate trying to decide on a face-up artist, so I just drag that stage out way past any reasonable point.

      And just for some spam, here's an old pic of my girl right before I finally bit the bullet and sent her off.

      C is for Clock
      by Trillian, on Flickr
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    17. I think sometimes we become just a little obsessed with perfection in this hobby. It's kinda like the faceup police are hiding around the corner ready to point fingers. :D I kind of like the occasional evidence of active lovin'. Goodness knows Wiishu, not to mention Pooki, show plenty of signs of their adventures. That being said, I was noticing while processing my latest photostory, that the time to work on Pook's face has come. His little pukisha nose is disappearing!
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    18. @Vindalootoo: welcome back^^. Could that faceplate be the vampire elf Chiwoo event plate, this one https://farm8.static.flickr.com/7582/16318306176_77aa088051_b.jpg ? That was the first one that came to mind reading your description and he is indeed hard to find. I own one and I love him to bits^^. The other one that seems to fit the description is Littlefee Soso, but I'm not sure if he was released in 2014 yet: https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/...eplate_1_76665bba0c4b6748dd4f30e1b45ed3d4.jpg

      EDIT: whoops, didn't notice how old your post was, I saw you found what you were looking for in the Customizing forum just now, so never mind, good luck with your mods^^!
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    19. Thanks! It's good to be back!

      And thanks for the suggestions. I still don't know what my memory remembered. Obviously, it was an alternate reality! :D But this little one is working great. It still didn't have the smirk I thought I remembered, but it has the right facial dimensions/shape and the smirk is slowly developing. I adore the little Chiwoo vampire. So cute. I couldn't bear to carve it up, if I had it. Had the same problem with the little Elf Shiwoo. I've got one of those and will probably use it for Wiishu to cosplay the Seiten Taisei, but I'm getting a kick out of modding this one. For those of you wondering what we're talking about...

      and the modifications thread is here
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    20. A lot of my hesitance is also just the time it takes. I’m so impatient >.<. And I do like her default face up. But sometime soon she will be sent off!