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Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 63

Jun 9, 2018

    1. Not going to lie I'm a little shocked that people aren't freaking out over the new boy. :o But then again I just expect Fairyland to always get a good scream when they release something.... I know I do... or maybe it's just my wallet and not me.

      I adore mori style and pieces of this outfit are very mori-inspired. Especially with the contrasting pants and shoes. His shorts are so perfect I can't even explain. Personally I am very happy FL released a boy that was more... boyish than girlish if that makes sense. And with smaller eyes. His style and everything is so perfect to what I love most I just can't pass him up. Husband said he'd be an early birthday gift and I am eternally grateful Q_Q Can't help but daydream about this boy on the horse body looking like some perfect frilly little dreamlike carousel horse.

      I ended up splitting the gloves and rabbit ears since I'm not a fan of either, but I hope to see him hybridized on a Fairyline bunny body. The event head is not my thing, but hopefully someone else will want it. Now I just need more money for taaaannnn
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    2. @Littlebirdzoom I am freaked out over Iru, and I don’t even care for male dolls normally. He is seems more manly than the usual youth sculpts. I would order him in a heartbeat if only I had the space and money. I hope Fairyland will keep this sculpt around for a few years so I can decide later.

      I hope yours will turn out great and show us some pictures. :)
    3. Dose anyone own a minifee rin on the newer body due to need some cuteness due to it's been a stressful in the last couple of days.
    4. Okay good! Needs more hype! Haha. I'm sure FL will keep him around and you'll be able to bring him home some day. ^_^ and I'll definitely post pictures.

      Minifees and I don't get along. I can never seem to stick with them very long and my Lucywen was the one that got away. I think this boy is the one though. I haven't been this excited over an MSD in a long time
    5. Iru is already in the a la carte graphic at DDE so it looks like you'll be able to come back to him later :)
    6. I have a modified dreaming elf rin (her eyes were opened from dreaming) on the Moe body. She's still pretty cute even if she isn't the standard Rin or on the renewal A-line body. At least I think so.

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    7. To the above person your girl is cute.
    8. @Captin Janeway thanks!

      @IngieBee thank you! I can't take credit for her mods. They were done by angel toast. She did an incredible job on them though.

      Aaaaaand aaaah! Just got tracking info from denver doll for my moe line Sircca, a-line body for my mirwen, and nanuri '19-2 event head!
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    9. I took actual pictures with my camera for the first time since my wreck. I'll admit the screws in my hip weren't happy with me trying to sit on odd positions on the floor, but Violet was so cute I didn't care.

      by CorpseDollyxx, on Flickr
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    10. @xxSugarxPopzxx Wreck! Yikes! So sorry, life is cruel sometimes, ugh! Glad you're still going! Violet looks gorgeous!

      @malvinas it's too bad AT isn't doing mods anymore :(. I believe she started having reactions to resin if I remember correctly. Or maybe she still does some when it doesn't involve Sanding resin...? I can't remember! Dangerous work if you do it constantly!
    11. @IngieBee I think she'll still do things like eye openings as long as the eyes aren't fully closed to begin with. So dreaming eye openings I believe she will still do, as long as the head isn't too small. I do believe you are right though and she won't do anything that involves sanding.
    12. Dangerous stuff that resin dust! I just love AT's Work though :love
    13. So beautiful dolls!! *______*

      I have one question about the tan skin availability....I think I do not understand well,

      Tan Skin Option will be available during 2019 Sarang Event Period for:

      MiniFee : Full Package, Designer's Complete, A La Carte (*Renewed* A-line, Active line and Moe line) and option parts ONLY*

      Does this means that the tan skin color will not be available for the fairyline?, just for A line and Moe?... :S
    14. Not sure, @brighteyes22 ? You might want to ask them about it?
    15. Of course I do not mind^^, I have asked right now^^. As soon as i get the reply I will let you know ;)
    16. That's what it looks like to me. Tan Skin isn't showing up on anything on Fairyland's website but I've tried it on DDE's site and it seems like they only want it for A-Line and M-Line. While reading the disclaimer for the Tan, it sounds like they originally only wanted it for Iru and nothing else.
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    17. Oh i see, thank you so much for letting me know. That is a pitty, i wanted to order fairyline in tan color... :(

      Edit: I confirm now there is no tan option for the fairyline...

      And just to be sure, all the minifee heads on a la carte are provided with magnets right? or Am i wrong?
      #878 brighteyes22, Feb 8, 2019
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    18. I wasn't too fond of Fairyland dolls before, but now that they released Iru... I think I finally found my grail :')
      He's not limited, right? I just completed a layaway and I can't afford him right now ; w ;
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    19. His fullset is limited, but his sculpt isn’t. :)