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Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 63

Jun 9, 2018

    1. Ahh I'm so relieved :dance thank you!

    2. I’m late in the party bus but she’s one of the most eye catching minifee I’ve ever seen.. I’m in awe!
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    3. Oh no I'm in love with her! What a sweetie!! I need more freckled darlings... I say as if I don't have too many MNF already...

      Did anyone get Hwayu's fullset/outfit and find it a little disappointing? Mine arrived today and her outfit seems... incomplete? T_T

      Also cue anxiety, her eyelash is like this! Time to carefully warm it up and hope I can stick it to her actual... eyelid...

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    4. @Megami-Landing I’d be anxious too! It’s not stuck to the eye is it?

      She certainly is pretty though.
    5. @brightberry By some miracle, it wasn't! I was able to get her eyes out, and I guess the glue had just... sagged while it was drying? So I held it by the little mini-heater in bursts and kind of just gently pushed it back into the eye line. We'll see if there's a significant change to her look once my roommate gives me the go-ahead to get her all done up, right now her entire opinion is that there are Teefs.
    6. If they're a mold that normally comes with magnets, then yes they come with. Several of the older molds, however, do not have magnets or anywhere to install them in the head. They only started making that a thing the last couple of years.
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    7. I see, thank you for letting me know^^. I am not sure if for example the woosoo sculpt, ryeon and ante have magnets in her head?, because I have one Chloe and she has magnets, so I do not know...
      Maybe I should ask Fairyland better? Thanks anyway :)
    8. I really wish some of their F60+ heads were available in Minifee size. I was in love with Erda but msd is as large as my collection goes.
    9. WooSoo has magnets and the other two should as well. They're newer sculpts.
    10. Thank you so much for letting me know! :love
    11. Hi all, can someone tell me what size silicone wig cap I should get for Minifee? I have Chloe and Woosoo and their heads are both right at 7" so I don't know whether to go with 6-7" or 7-8". If I remember right the silicone caps run small, so I'm thinking get the size up?
    12. Honestly that 100% depends on the individual wig/company in my experience. Some run a bit larger and others smaller so It's always a bit of a toss up ^__^;;; I've never owned a silicon capped wig either tho so I'm afraid I'm a bit useless on that front lol.

      On another note, took a quick shot of Altair and Gabe! I really need to get Gabe a new wig, tho... I like that red color but the cut is all wrong for him :/
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    13. :3nodding:l found out that the newer A-line high heel feet fit the new Moe line body:dance Now l just wish fairyland would make the A-line bust sold separately so a person can put a small bust on a Moe line body.

      P.S found the feet info on YouTube.
    14. I got my Sircca and Nanuri 2 event head today! Though I ran into an interesting problem. I can't turn the locking mechanism on the body when putting the event head on. There are these ridges inside the head that block the lock from turning. Has anyone else received this head yet and encountered this problem? Does the Nanuri 1 have the same issue?

      @Nii-san_Obsessed you've received your Nanuri 1 already right? Were you able to put it on an A-Line body? Did it have the ridges blocking the lock from turning?

      Update edit: got home and tried her on the fairyline body and I was able to turn the neck mechanism so I guess my one fairyline body belongs to her now!
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    15. I have a 6-7 silicone wig cap from ebay on my Chloe and it fits fine :)
    16. Does fairyland not do free shipping over a certain $$ amount anymore?
    17. I got a reply from Fairyland regarding the magnets in the head of some sculpts...

      Dear xxx,

      Only Shush head has magnets inserted whilst others (Ante, WooSoo and Ryeon) does not have magnets inserted in the head as of yet.

      Should you have any other questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

      Thank you.

      Kind Regards,

      ???, do you have a woosoo with magnets in the head?, maybe they made a mistake checking these specific heads to let me know? O__o

      I think is over $800 but I am not totally sure..., I do not remember well sorry!
    18. My WooSoo has magnets and I ordered her through DDE in 2013. I didn't think that they made MNFs with traditional hooked head caps anymore. Hardly anyone does. :?
    19. I ordered my Woosoo and my Ryeon in June 2016 direct in Fairyland website and they did not come with magnets, so I thought they have magnets now, that is why I wanted to know.

      Maybe you have the vampire woosoo and she has magnets?

      Anyways I thought all new sculpts are having magnets, including the "old ones", since they were renewed, or that is what I thought anyway, but I guess not. Can someone who has woosoo, ante or ryeon from 2017 or 2018 confirm if they have magnets?

      I can not show a photo of the inside of the heads of my girls since I am not home now for a while...:(
    20. @brighteyes22 I have a VE WooSoo. Still strange that it isn't updated.

      -- Edit --

      I have an old DES kicking around somewhere and I'm pretty sure she has magnets. Was this before or after Luts and Fairyland split?