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Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 63

Jun 9, 2018

    1. Would Volks MSD/MDD dresses fit the minifee newer A line body?
    2. @brighteyes22 and @Bristol Sorry to interfere between your conversation but I think you two are talking about two different magnets. What I understand brighteyes22 is asking about head magnets meant for fantasy parts (horns, antlers etc) and Bristol is talking about head cap magnets which are two different thing and placed differently on the head. All the MNF heads have magnets in the head caps but only the newest one's have those extra magnets for the fantasy parts. I would trust Fairyland on their answer on this one as they know the best of which heads they have renewed.
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    3. What @AnnieStar said is correct, ya'll are talking two different kinds of magnets. VE WooSoo is actually a very old mold of Fairyland's from back when they were still a part of Luts. I have one and while she does have the magnets to hold on her head cap, she does not have the fantasy magnets meant to hold on horns and the like.

      My experience with Volks related items is that they run too large for minifee. You can get away with some of the shirts if you don't mind them being a looser cut, but the MSD and MDD dolls have more child like proportions and are thus wider than minifee.
    4. Thank you, @AnnieStar and @Hakari-chan. I was really confused. :XD:

      I thought she meant to keep the head cap on, not fantasy parts.
    5. OMG that was a confusion!! yes!!, you are totally right @AnnieStar and @Hakari-chan!! I meant the extra magnets to hold the fantasy parts!! >___<
      I am sorry @Bristol :(

      But now I am even more confused since I had no idea that MNFs have magnets to keep the head cap on?? O___o I have MNFs since a couple of years now and never noticed they have magnets...

      And of course I trust Fairyland too, since they new exactly which magnets I meant, so not all heads are renewed.
      Again sorry for this confusion :(
    6. Hakari-chan ok and thanks. I wonder if they would fit better on the M-line body since the body is chubby? Just trying to make my mind up on a Active line or newer M line body.
    7. I don't think they do have magnets to keep the headcap on. Minifee headcaps kinda just... snap on. If they had magnets there wouldn't be the issues there are with certain sculpts having headcaps that want to fall off all the time. Honestly I would prefer if they did have magnets.
    8. They snap on. I was getting that part confused with my LoongSoul. I had them both out to take pics for someone in the reference thread a few days ago. :XD:
    9. Ohh I see!!, now is everything clear!! <3 thank you so much! *3*
    10. Definitely not, no. The difference in body shape is definitely minimal, and I wouldn't really call it 'chubby'. The biggest difference comes in the legs, they're shorter and a bit thicker than the Model or Cutie legs.

      ...and lol I don't know what I was thinking with those head magnets either, I literally own eleven minifees how did I get that confused wth XD I AM right about woosoo not have fantasy magnets though, I can promise you that X'D

      Speaking of clothes, though, my girls Kafka, Seraphine, and Fiona got their new outfits in today! I'll have time to take pics in daylight some day...
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    11. Thank you so much! I'm so happy people like her! :frownyblush: She just got her own body, so I'm excited to spend a little more time styling her!

      I'm still not sure if I should keep her with her blonde wig, or with this red one... She looks good in both! :sigh

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    12. I loved the Hwayu fullset. Then again it was the first fullset I've wanted, apart from the Victoria Frances girls. I won't lie, I hated having to lace the corset and I didn't understand the necklace sleeves for a few days. Lol.

      My Ryeon from 2012 doesn't have magnets. I don't have a newer one so I can't say if they've updated or not.

      I love her so much <3
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    13. So does Fairyland not offer the moe-line feet separately ? only the high heeled version?
    14. meg wanted to pop in and show off her new cowl. i'm not sure she was super impressed with me for not clearing the snow of the stump before having her sit down though!
      [​IMG]sitting on a snowy stump
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    15. What a cutie! I love the scarf, it's super stylish
    16. @Hakari-chan, your girls look amazing in their new outfits

      @xxSugarxPopzxx, yes, Fairyland confirmed that Ryeon, Ante and Woosoo don't have magnets. My Ryeon is from 2016 and has no magnets either.

      @auntbear your Meg is so adorable! *___*, I think the snow looks beautiful! <3

      I miss my girls so much....
      At least my Liria is with me <3
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    17. I'm loving all the beautiful mnfs! :D I'm without my mnfs for a few days too and would love some more spam!! Especially boys! <3
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    18. [​IMG]

      I've finally managed to get all but one of my girls a body (poor Sircca elf...someday!). This is one of my newer ladies, a Spring 2017 event head. I'm intimidated by her face up.. but I really do love her! She fits in great!
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    19. Oh I love this new wig on her too, it’s more vibrant , I did like her cute little ears last time though but the antlers also look nice why the wig ❤️ She’s so sassy and fierce I love it .. just saw your other new girl she’s also so cute , your spring Head minifee ❤️
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