Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 64

Mar 26, 2019

    1. Totally go through Denver Doll. They're really great to work with. I've bought all of my new dolls from them save for one.
    2. Yes in in the US. Whats wrong with Dolkus?
    3. @ToshiIsAoba Dolk Company Reviews For starters. But if you look around the forum (just search dolk/dolkus) you'll hear a lot of horror stories about Dolkus. Even mods have broken their rather neutral position more than once to advise people to research before buying from this company. They are legitimate but they are horrible about keeping on communication and several instances have been reported of items missing from shipments and the buyer having to file claims with PayPal because the company itself wouldn't reply to any of their e-mails. In addition, you're paying for out-of-country shipping instead of going through a US dealer and only paying US shipping. There's not a lot of reasons to have to go through Dolk anymore. In the past it was a great one-stop-shop when there were fewer options available, but now that the market is booming with dealers (especially local ones) ordering from them isn't worth the gamble.
      Furthermore, Denver Doll is the official customer service branch for Fairyland in the U.S. Essentially going through DDE is like going through FL direct only you pay less in shipping. They're less of a middle man that Dolk is and far easier to work with. You'll find most US buyers for new Fairyland items will use them.
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    4. Seconding everything akaisha said, with the add on that Fairyland actually requests that US buyers go through DDE rather than them. Also, yeah, I've heard bad things about Dolkus too. If you're in the US there's really zero reason to order through them, DDE is not only more reliable, the shipping will be cheaper. I've ordered through DDE a few times now and they're good at communicating and also have some very nice layaway options for your order if you're not able to pay it all up front. I mean, even if you can, it takes a few months for the order to come in regardless so you might as well make it easier and pay in installments XD That's personal preference, though.
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    5. Well thank you for the info, i'll steer clear from them then. Im not to experienced with bjd shops, I've only ever ordered from Alice Collections so im not to knowledgeable on other sites.
    6. Totally order through DDE. They are super great about communicating and answer emails super quick. I've never had an issue ordering with them.

      Question of my own though, what was the minifee/fairyline release that came with an event head?
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    7. My minifee Iru has shipped~! :dance I feel like I'm gonna be excitedly refreshing the tracking page every day until it arrives lol
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    8. That's a really tough question to answer. A lot of the minifee and fairyline releases have coincided with an event. There are a lot of event heads out there. Is there a particular one you were wondering about?

      Speaking of event heads... I took a picture of all of my fairies earlier (all elf event heads) and I just love seeing them all together like this (even if I am awful at group photos!)

      Here are my girls <3

      In the purple is Bramble, my Juri '08
      In the dark green is Pythia, my Nanuri '14
      In the coral is Sen, my Sarang '15 (modded)
      In the burgundy is Echo, my Rin elf (modded)
      In the navy is Shadow, my Siean

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    9. UGH. Phone keyboards are the worst, it should have read “what was the LAST release with an event head?” I got the engraved event head with my Alicia and then I also got a Rens but she did not come with one so I’m wondering if I was an idiot and just didn’t add it to my cart during my initial order or if she didn’t have one with her release at all.
    10. @Cheebee ooh okay! I believe Iru was the most recent release that coincided with an event. Hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong but the most recent event head I am aware of was the Sarang 19 which was with Iru. Prior to that would have been the winter event which was with the Honoka release (I think) and that had the Nanuri 2019 -1 and Nanuri 2019 - 2 heads
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    11. @malvinas Excellent! That soothes my not quite yet wounded ego thank you!
    12. I have recently been working on my faceups and thought I'd share my NS and WS human Hwayus. Hwayu human or vampire is such a gorgeous sculpt to me, I hope they release her in other sizes too one day...
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    13. @helenb92 your girls are both beautiful and I just love that photo! Thank you for sharing them!
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    14. A question for anyone who has recently bought a Minifee with the default faceup. A few years ago Fairyland were using something on their faceups which had a 'pearly' shimmery effect. It even sometimes looked like the dolls were a bit sweaty! I was just wondering if they were still doing that or if the faceups look more 'matte' again. Thanks!
    15. Can the Fairyland Moe Line Minifee boys wear heeled shoes? Like not high heels but like chunky heels so 2-3 inch heels?
    16. I don't have a Moe boy, but a suggestion might be to use a larger MSD female's shoes, like Dollmore or Luts - just check the sizes to see if they are close enough. I've done that with SD boys before.
    17. the Moe boy body has smaller feet than the other boy bodies, so wearing girl shoes shouldn't be a problem at all. Actually, pretty much any of the boys can wear your average girl shoes since mnf feet run small compared to other brands in general.

    18. Thanks! It's just so hard to find cute shoes for the boy BJD's, girl BJD's have a lot more selection for shoes and clothes in my opinion
    19. Hey everyone! I just have a quick question. I have a Sia head that I bought in a split on the MP that I was about to sell but I just noticed she has no markings inside her head. Is this normal for the Sia sculpt? I can’t imagine she’s not legit because she has the horn magnets and she matches my body that was purchased directly from DDE.

      any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    20. Hi. I curious if anyone knew of any tutorial on how to string the fairyline Minifee body with normal legs.