Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 64

Mar 26, 2019

    1. @AwkwardRainicorn I think Maya is beautiful! I really want to see more of her face.
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    2. @AwkwardRainicorn Your girl is just lovely! Love that fullset!

      Finally got around to putting Altair's damn faun body back together after painting his hooves a few weeks ago so I decided to take a pic of him and his bf Gabriel! I'll... take a pic of his actual legs one of these days lol.
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    3. Love seeing everyone's dolls! I need to check in a lot more...

      I got a few dolls back from the spa... I'm not sure how I feel about Honoka, since she has such a cute face, and I'm trying to go in a more mature direction BUT she is sooooo cute! I don't know how I'm going to style her quite yet!

      Wow, I need more wigs NOW! She is currently wearing the wig I had for my Risse. Now I'm conflicted, haha.

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    4. Anyone see the images of Fairyland's MeowFees? Not my cup of tea, but I enjoy seeing them nonetheless!
    5. @Animethemed I love the colors on Honoka. That wig looks like it belongs on her.

      @redmaiko : MeowFees...? This sounds like something that could get me into a lot of trouble... please excuse me whilst I go look that up xD

      EDIT: ...ermagerd. I shouldn’t have looked, I want ooonneeeeee!

      Also, where does everyone find proper shoes for their Minifees? I’m having a bit of a time finding ones with the right inner length D8
    6. Portrait of my minifee Rheia ^)

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    7. Quick query: is there any rhyme or rhythm to fairylands fullsets being discontinued, or is it just based on numbers that we can't access? I've been hesitating on buying Iru for a while because I have other sculpts that take priority rn, but I'm getting worried his full set will be sold out while I deliberate rip
    8. @tennjou there are only a certain number of full sets. So when they sell out, they're gone.
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    9. FL has added Maya to the a la carte section before her official sale, thats new :,D I'm kinda hooked.
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    10. @Zavrinas
      Rip, that's what I feared ... so much more stressful than having an exact timeframe ;-; ty though!

      I might finally put him on layaway tomorrow, just to be safe
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    11. Ahhhhhh!! She's so pretty, my poor wallet..... TT.TT
    12. Eee, Violet (minifee Celine) arrived and she's so dang adorable, I'm in love. She's so light and tiny compared to my SDs, I'm kind of floored by it. XD
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    13. Congrats @LiselT It is amazing how light they are compared to SDs. They get to go places because of it too. :)
    14. Oh my!
      Maya would look AMAZING in tan skin! I love it! I can't go for it at the time being, but gosh, maybe someday!

      Right now I'm really focusing on trying to actually style my dolls. I've been admittedly pretty bad at it throughout the years... Sometimes a new doll just sounds more exciting than clothes, haha!

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    15. Thank you~ I suspect she will be climbing into my bag rather often once she settles in! I think she's going to be turning into the inspiration for my silly chibi doodles/mascot for my art studio. She's just got so much personality xD
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    16. Maya is a lovely sculpt - when I'm ready to get a new body, I may have to select that head ;)
      In the meantime, Nika is happily monopolizing my lone A-line. And that is one of the things I love about MNFs - they are the only doll I don't mind switching heads!
      [​IMG]new expression by Ban, on Flickr
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    17. Sorry to keep bugging about ref pics. But I really want to participate in the event that's going on so I can get my doll in tan skin. I'm looking for reference pics for Mio and Alicia to pair with a Mir/Mika. I figure that because I asked for them together specifically, that maybe nobody has them together. I own a Mirwen, lishe, el, chloe, celine, niella, Flam, Juri13 & 14(soony) and a sarang19. If anyone has a Mio or Alicia with any of the dolls I have listed, I'd be grateful is you could post a pic! Thank you in advance!
    18. @Zavrinas Good luck finding pictures! You know I would help if I could. <3

      Just popping in because I haven't shared any pictures of any of my crew here in awhile. Here is my sweet and gentle girl, Odette.

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    19. I have an Alicia a Mirwen, Chloe VE, and Celine but they are all modded and only one has a body...
      [​IMG]Nika by Ban, on Flickr
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