Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 64

Mar 26, 2019

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    1. I would like to thank everybody for there advice on elastic a few pages back. I will just take the lazy route and order more elastic lol. Maya looks really cool not a huge fan of her fullset but I think she is really pretty. My wallet is safe for now. I am loving everyone's photo too. I lowkey always wanted a Juri10.
      I did want to introduce you all to my newest boy. His name is Mocha-Bear and he is a tan Modded Risse M-line boy hybrid with M-line girl legs. Hope you all love my little pastel boy!!!!
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    2. thank you so much love
    3. @Zavrinas sorry you're having trouble trying to find pics! I have a mir/ka I could take pics of with a couple of those molds you listed, but no Mio or Alicia >__<
    4. Thanks @Hakari-chan it's been a struggle lol. I'll probably just have to take a leap of faith and go with my gut. This actually happened to me in the past and I ended up scraping those characters and selling the dolls. The boy was shelled as a Unoa B-El and the girl was a mnf Ryeon. I regret selling the Ryeon head and will probably get another in the future. But honestly love these current characters too much to scrap them. :(
    5. @Zavrinas
      I have a Mika boy and a floating sp Alicia head, I will try and take photos for you in the next couple of days.
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    6. I have a modded minifee Hwayu She is currently getting her faceup done. I will take photos once I receive her again.

      Does anyone have any helpful links to restringing the Fairyland Fairyline Body?
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    7. What exactly do you need to know @KaramiahS ? They're strung pretty straightforward - wrist to shoulder (in each arm), leg - hip - leg and neck to belly.
    8. @KaramiahS if you have specific questions, there's a separate thread for FairyLine dolls where you can get help :)
    9. I'm loving everyone's pictures! @pokori your boy is absolutely adorable!

      And in very stark contrast to my last picture I shared of super sweet Odette, here is super feisty Cameo.

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    10. Thank you <3

      I having a hard time with how the legs are strung. Their is no tutorials as far as I can find for the Human legs. I think I have figured it out through.
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    11. thank you so much @malvinas he is my current fav Odette looks amazing by the way love her dark style.
      Speaking of current faves here is another favorite of mine. This is Ombre my Tan Ria boy and best friend to Mocha
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    12. It's not a great comparison and my Mir doesn't have a faceup yet, but this group shot I happened to take yesterday might be of some use to you? I have an El and a Celine. :) If you like I can take another picture with just the three of them?

      Mir's head is a little smaller than the others. I wish it were a bit bigger to be honest! :lol:

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    13. @Statuess thank you, that puts a bit into perspective just how tiny he is compared to the older sculpts :)
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    14. Your Minifee Ria is just beautiful :love:love I love more and more this model *-*
    15. thank you so much love
    16. [​IMG]mika alicia comparision by Megan, on Flickr
      @Zavrinas sorry it has taken a few days to get the photo taken for you. They look good together, I find with a wig on Mika/Mir head doesn't look as small as he seems. I also have a photo without their wigs on in my flickr account. Just ignore Alicia's ears, I am trying to take off the ear mod that her previous owner attempted.
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