Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 64

Mar 26, 2019

    1. @Nightshade They do look good together! Thank you so much!!!
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    2. My Alex likes taking pictures in the summer.
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    3. Playing around and learning Adobe Lightroom today, so here's a pic of my girls Kafka and Seraphine <3

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    4. @lelyashim Alex looks great! Those hands are perfect for that little camera!

      @Hakari-chan Your girls are gorgeous. I especially love Seraphine! :aheartbea

      My girl Mercy got a new wig not long ago. Her old one was just too heavy for her head it kept falling off! I'm really happy with this one. The purple streaks make her even more sassy than she was before!

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    5. Popping in to say thank you to everybody! Braesin especially thanks everyone for helping. I'll be ordering his girlfriend in about a week or so. :3


      @malvinas Mercy is killer gorgeous as always! XD
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    6. Been thinking about this scene in Nika's story and decided to give it a shot. Of course I had to make her a pair of PJs for it :) Anyhoo - here she is meeting one of her gamer buddies IRL. (He is lifting her fallen strap, not pulling it down)
      [​IMG]let me fix this... by Ban, on Flickr
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    7. I am super excited I will receive my first Fairyland doll in maybe 2 weeks*-* A Fairyline Faun with default sleeping head. But since my other boys are 70+ I am excited how I can handle a smaller one. And the legs are white so I need to paint them but I have no idea what animal I should use as model T.T some suggestion?
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    8. @Ban Sidhe That is a beautiful picture. Love it!

      @Lawreth I always liked that they’re white. Maybe some light blushing? A little like a goat?
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    9. @malvinas Thanks so much! I'm super fond of her too haha |D
      @Lawreth I'd beware painting the goat legs. Any kind of paint job will inevitably wear away with handling over time, and might just outright chip, especially around the joints. If you don't plan on moving him or handling him much it'll probably be fine, but if you're the kind of person that does like to handle their doll with relevant frequency, I personally wouldn't recommend it.
    10. Okay thank you for your recommendation maybe I will try to avoid the joints but without blushing at all he looks a bit bald...

      Yeah maybe like a light grey or silver not to much but some highlights and shadows
    11. I am so so excited that I am able to have this amazing outfit in my collection! I feel like my Sarang looks so complete now... Do you like this wig on her or do you think her old blonde one was better?

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    12. WowWowWowWow! And I love the wig!
    13. Dang, she is beautiful! I think the wig is a great counterpoint to the outfit. Just gorgeous!
    14. Ahhh finally got a shipping notice from DDE for my Klaus, I’m so excited!!! I ordered the complete fullset, can’t wait to finally get my hands on hiiiim!
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    15. Oh, very pretty colors! Live red hair and white outfit)

      my new girl)
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    16. She beautiful what sculpt is she?
    17. Thx) Chloe, but its a sleeping head with open eyes)
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    18. Ahhh my Klaus finally arrived today, I love him so much!
      I still don't have a proper name for him, but I'm seriously considering just keeping the name Klaus??? I don't generally like keeping the original mold name as the character name but... it just really suits, him, what can I say, lol.
      I've got so much work to do painting all his armor tho 8'D *dies*
      Full body with his horsey bits over on my tumblr
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    19. He is very handsome <3
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