Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 64

Mar 26, 2019

    1. @Haraki-Chan Congratulations! He’s very handsome! Love him and his name.
    2. Thanks guys! I took a picture of him together with the rest of my boys too, heh.
      Should have taken more pictures of him on his centaur body but I went ahead and took it apart so I could paint his armor. It's going to be... interesting putting him back together again 8'D Some of his armor is attached via his elastic.
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    3. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I was here active:XD: I have been lurking around much.
      But I found finally after more then a year searching my grail:whee::love Minifee juri 2008.
      I' am not sure about which body she will get. Do you guys prefer a m-line or a-line with posing?
      I' am still thinking of getting my sircca on such body since I dislike the f-line body:(
    4. I'd recommend a used A-line body if only because you're more likely to find a good resin match for a head that old. There's technically two types of female A-line body; the original (which would likely get you the best resin match) and the 'Renewal' body, which solved that slightly uneven leg problem the body used to have so it stands better. That body hasn't been around for more than a few years though, so less likely to get a perfect match. I guess, in the end, it really just depends on how important that is to you, haha. Both the M-line and the Renewal A-line have their pros and cons! For one, the female M-line is a good bit shorter than the A-line! It also comes with smaller feet. Last I checked I think the M-line also only comes in the one bust size, though that may have changed, I'm not 100%.
      I'm a big fan of that mold in any case, congrats on finding one!
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    5. Has anyone tried to hybrid a Minifee (Lucywen) head onto a supia minisup body yet? I saw talk of people excited about it but I haven't seen the final result... or I can't find it. I decided recently I need to get my favorite girl back, but I really dislike most Fairyland bodies.
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    6. Does anyone have a picture of what the inside of Minifee Karsh's head looks like? I bought a floating head at a convention, and I thought the seller said it was a Minifee head.... but it's quite smaller than my Minifee Eva's head. And the inside says Karsh S
    7. I want to say that there was some variability between head sizes with a lot of the sculpts depending on how early they were initially released. The first 6 where a 7-8, the middle were more 6-7 and the newest seem to be inching back up to the larger Msd size of 7-8 but don't quote on it.
    8. Thank you much, I kinda have been researching de-yellowing of a head. Not sure what to do.
      I adore her and I think you can say she has yellowed but it's not a horrible yellowing.
      So I' am not sure if I keep her like this or take a chance to make her lighter:

      [​IMG]Meet my grail Juri by Renske, on Flickr
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    9. Renske129, she looks beautiful and her coloring suits her very well, imo :3nodding:
    10. Thank you much, that kinda why I' am not sure about doing it because her yellowing is not really bad but I have to see.
    11. She's adorable!
      A warning, though, de-yellowing will not lighten natural yellowing that results from age/exposure to light. All it really does is help remove built up oil and grime that comes from handling which darkens it some, depending on the severity. I like to do that once I've had a doll for a couple of years and feel like they're getting a bit dirty, but yeah, it won't reverse natural yellowing.
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    12. @Renske129 Your Juri is adorable. I love how you’ve styled her already. I don’t think the yellow looks bad at all. In fact, I think it’s kind of pretty.
    13. So it's still a work in progress, but I started setting up a little garden type area for my dolls! It's on this odd raised section by the staircase that I figured I might as well put to use!
      I'll take better pictures when there's actual daylight to work with later haha
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    14. Just gonna say i'm learning a lot from this thread, I find minifees to be really overwhelming and it's difficult for me to tell the difference between them and other dolls at a glance at this point. @[email protected]
    15. They can be hard to tell apart at first. But, once you learn a few, the others come quickly. Event heads are still a bit tricky though.
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    16. I've seen some of those! But what....exactly are they? Does that mean seasonal or limited run or? (also apologies if this has already been asked/answered, i'm tired and might have missed it)
    17. @tithorargentus Event heads are heads that are released during an event, so they're limited special sculpts. for example, I have a sarang19 that was from the past spring event, and I placed an order for the summer event that just ended with the summer19 head. The head names change with the season. like they used to have just two a year summer/Juri and winter/nanuri. Then they added more later on like spring, halloween, and some new doll realeases also got event heads. You can always check the fairyland vlog to see past event heads. but basically once an event has ended you can only get the head from that release secondhand. I think someone made a chart or all the event head released up until some point either last year or this year so that should help a bit. And don't apologize for asking questions! :)

      Edit: Found the chart from @Nii-san_Obsessed ! it goes up to the Honoka realease winking event head. since then there's been two event heads released the spring sarang19 and summer19 (which just ended).
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    18. Oh, you're the current owner of this Shushu! I'm happy to see she still have the tattoo I painted on her back in 2011 (or maybe 2010?) :)

      Here is my one of my two minifee girls, a MFA 2016. I finished her wig yesterday and her faceup the day before. She is on my Ante body, but the Ante is waiting for a new wig and a new faceup so, well, she doesn't miss her body. XD

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    19. Oh gosh that's so cool to finally find out who painted her! I just LOVE her tattoo, one of the big reasons I broke down and bought her in the first place! X'D You did wonderful work!
      I love your girl too, all her bruising and stuff looks great <3
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