Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 64

Mar 26, 2019

    1. @Hakari-chan Thank you for the compliment! It's quite an old work but it was a great tattoo, I had a lot of fun painting it. However I don't remember who paint her faceup… it was a french artist too, maybe .An (don't know if she is on Den of angels).

      And thank you for my girl!
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    2. @Hakari-chan and @Follow-the-Wind that is so cooooooool! My favorite part of second hand dolls is finding out the history behind them. :3 Who did the original faceup, who added the tattoos, then the piercings, etc. That led to the current style and owner.
    3. Did you still want to see this? I do have a Karsh, no photos of the inside but I'll get him out and open him up if it'll help. :)
    4. That would really help!

      This head still looks small compared to Eva's body.
    5. I'll try to get a photo tonight, I have both the regular and sleeping heads. (I also have a meeting tonight so it may be tomorrow before I can get the photo.)
    6. My 2nd FLAM just came back from Angel Toast. This doll is so cute! She is exactly what I was hoping for.

      I've renamed her Amathyst.
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    7. Those eyes!!! Love her, brightberry!
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    8. My Liria just got back from getting a new faceup with AngelToast and I feel like she’s a completely new doll! I love her sweet little face even more now. [​IMG]
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    9. @blackcat87 your Liria is beautiful! Congrats on her return!

      @brightberry your FLAM girl is so cute! She turned out wonderfully!

      And because I've been a little stressed out lately (I'm moving in a month and I don't even know where to yet! Eek!) I'm turning to my Echo to cheer me up. Fall is coming and her favorite colors are the colors of the leaves on the trees as they turn. Red, gold, yellow, even brown. She loves them all.

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    10. @malvinas Thank you! I love your girl. That sweater makes her look so cuddly and warm.

      @blackcat87 Amazing! She has a beautiful glow about her.
    11. @brightberry thank you I love her presence! And I got distracted earlier but I meant to tell you how much I like what you’ve done with your Flam! I have two as well, it’s such a great sculpt!

      @malvinas thanks I’m so happy to have her back. I hope Echo has done the trick lightening your mood! She looks so cozy. Fall is definitely the best time of year!
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    12. Can I request some shushus? Im hoping to get my own soon!
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    13. Do you mind if the Shushu is modded? My Choara is a sleeping head mod.

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    14. Did someone say Shushus? OwO
      I finally remembered to put eyelashes on her, but forgot to do it until AFTER I took this pic today, of course >__>; Ah well.
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    15. @dunkelhelllila your girl is beautiful! My first minifee was actually a vampire woosoo girl and I miss her sometimes. I've always loved the Woosoo sculpt.