Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 64

Mar 26, 2019

    1. congrats! My Lucywen elf is one of my favorite dolls, so pretty *-* You'll have to share pictures. I use 12mm eyes for mine (and for the regular Lucywen I used to have), with regular iris sizing. Mine wears a custom wig but I used a 6-7" Leekeworld wig (and a couple Fairyland fullset wigs from other dolls) for my regular Lucywen, and I doubt they're significantly different.


      @Animethemed, the colors you've picked for your Ria are so fun! Did you dye her legs? The gradient looks really nice.

      I'd second Kirahfaye on antiquing for doll furniture, although it can take a long time to find good pieces >< You have to like antiquing for it to be worth the time, but it makes finding good stuff extra exciting. The bucket chair style phone stands you can find at places like Claire's are tolerable (if short) for modern-styled dolls too.
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    2. thank you! :D i'm hoping he'll be home by the end of the month but there's no way of knowing for sure. it's been a long wait searching for him, though, so this is fine. :P
      i wasn't really sold on lucywen till i saw it as an elf in tan, even though dolls with teeth are some of my absolute favourites? of course by then the preorder was over and the only way to get them was secondhand. :roll:

      i might go for 14mm since i want mine to be a little more doe-eyed i think!
      your boy is gorgeous btw!! :love:love:love i didn't know anyone else had lucywen elf as a boy! :'D i love his wig, he's such a fancy guy! :blush
      i was guessing i'd have to have a custom made one, i just hope i don't have to send him out. x_X i just want something short-ish and fairly simple, but with parted bangs.... why are boy-style haircuts so hard to find aaaa..... _(:,3」∠)_
    3. :O! thank you!
    4. Thank you for the suggestions! Sounds like I'll have some shopping to do. :) Is there anything in particular that I should look out for or be aware of when antiquing? I've never gone shopping for antiques before.
    5. just popping in to ask if anyone has an iru to show off? mine came and i'm trying to decide how to do her faceup :D i've got pics of her blank on my instagram (tskonk) <3
    6. exciting! Good luck with the last stretch of patience ^^ Glad that gave you a comparison for eyes - everyone has such different taste in them it can be hard to know what to recommend. Thank you! Yeah, I feel like I don't see too many of that sculpt in general but with all the different platforms and methods of tagging who knows. I made that wig b/c I wanted the specific texture/color mix, but it would at least be worth trying premade wigs if you can find a style close to what you're looking for. I don't think the overall size is unusual, although the ears make things a little trickier. Hope you can find one ^^

      @Denovo I guess I'd say patience/knowing you probably won't find quite the right stuff right away even if you spend ages sifting through musty kitsch, and trying lots of different shops to figure out which ones you like, if there's a variety near you. As an example, near me there's a high-end antique consignment shop that often has (fairly expensive) salesman sample type doll-scale furniture, or a couple general antique stores where I mostly find roombox/diorama decorations, or more thrift-store type places. Find out if there are antique fairs/flea markets near you where lots of vendors come to sell stuff - those can be fun :3 Just know around how much you're willing to spend before going, too ^^; and consider what you can improve on if you're crafty; a little repainting or simple cushions can go a long way (probably obvious advice but). And there's always EBay if you decide you hate antiquing ;)
    7. Ok, one more spam of my ShuShu and I promise I'll stop, lol!! Just lovin' her in red <3

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    8. Paid off my Iru today. Hope he comes in soon!
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    9. thank you! it's always the shipping that's the roughest part of the wait. xD
      i know! plus different companies' eye sizes can be different. like my makos are bigger than the acrylics that came with my bluefairies of the same size, and i think they're bigger than the ones that came with my FL Rucas? :o
      i've been browsing premade wigs and nothing quite hits my fancy so i think the poor boy might be bald for a while until i can commission a wig TToTT it's impressive you made that wig though, i'm so jealous! i wish i had that skill..! owo<3
      well, lucywen elf is pretty rare in the first place, since i think it only came with the $1k+ full package if i'm remembering right? she certainly wasn't cheap, i think that was actually the most i've spent on a head... o////o;
      so that might explain the relative lack of them. i feel like i see more lirias tbh lol (tho she is the hot thing right now, at least on my instagram feed! : o
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    10. Thank you for all the advice! Sounds like antiquing is going to be fun, just a bit time-consuming. Haha~ Hopefully, I can get some furniture set up for Iru before he comes home. :kitty2

      Congratulations! :celebrate I'm waiting for my Iru too~ :dance
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    11. here’s my iru, she still needs a faceup ^^ i love her! i think she’s going to have a lot of pink and sparkles ✨

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    12. Has anyone seen any owner pictures of the Iru fullset? I find it strange that no pictures have surfaced yet even though the fullset was released back in February! I’m still waiting for mine but I’m so desperate to see some pictures lol:lol:
    13. Same! Mine will be paid off on the 22nd. Then he'll be on his way home. But, in the mean time, I haven't seen any Iru's being shown off! (I've been looking.) I'd love to see them.
    14. I can’t wait to see full sets of Iru! I didn’t get one but I’m so taken with his outfit. It’s beautiful.

      @cads your girl is so pretty right now. She’s going to be amazing when finished.
    15. Ah, Minifees... < 3 I kind of really want a tan mnf girl but I'm so torn on the face sculpt!
      Haven't followed any doll releases in YEARS so I'm really behind. What are some cute/popular choices nowadays fellas? I know that Chloe is really popular, but have any other faces gained popularity, aside from Chloe? I'm super curious
    16. Just random post here. When I had tried to find this information before no one seemed to have an answer so..just going to post this for posterity's sake.

      The boy moe body can wear both active heeled and moe heeled feet. I assume that the moe female then can also wear active heeled feet. The moe heeled feet on the boy body look rather small and so I bought a pair of aline heeled feet hoping they'd work better proportionally and they're nearly identical in length to the moe flat foot for boys. So I thought maybe this will benefit someone eventually?

      I will say though, the aline heeled foot does limit the range of motion in the moe ankle. I don't entirely understand why as it fits so perfect but it's something I noticed.

      Moe Boy with Active Heeled Foot:

      Moe Boy with Moe Heeled Foot:

      Feet side by side (Active Heel (l), Moe Heel (m), Moe Boy Flat (r)):
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    17. I'd been wondering that myself! I know the motionline feet don't fit the moe ankle piece but the activeline fitting is awesome! I plan on switching legs for my motion and moe bodies, but thinking about the boy getting the smaller feet... just fits the moe boy better...
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    18. @Zavrinas Yay! Happy to help <3

      @xaya She's beautiful. Are those EDEs I see in her?
    19. @akaisha0 Yes they are! 14mm I think... they are Milky 42, I've had them quite long time for her. :)