Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 64

Mar 26, 2019

    1. Hello everyone :) I can finally join this thread after having my girl back from her faceup! I've had a couple of MNF before, but I think I've finally got one that will last with this girl. I always wanted a vampire/elf doll ever since I got into the hobby, so I'm so glad to have her! No name yet, she's proving difficult to pick for :XD:
      [​IMG]Newbie by Rivon92, on Flickr
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    2. @Rivon She’s gorgeous! Congrats!
    3. Been working all morning on dolly projects and just got a minute to take a nice pic of Hemlock! My newest girl and wanted to share! I need to do more than just a quick pic at some point though.

      [​IMG]Hemlock closeup by suniko Z, on Flickr
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    4. Hi there! I just recently sold a Minifee Juri 14 head to a young lady in Germany. She was originally sold to me on a minifee moe body. The customer has an a-line body. I was not sure if you guys have heard of any issues with different bodies or not? She states the head does not fit the neck at all, that the hole for the head is too small. And I apologize if this is not the right place to ask this - I am on my phone and it is hard to maneuver through the site on mobile! I appreciate any and all help you guys are willing to give!

      Thank you,

    5. Yeah, that's actually a known problem. Either they need to modd the head, trade out the neck mechanism for a neck donut, or jet the fairyline body.
    6. Plenty of Minifees have issues fitting on other neck keys, it’s not an isolated issue and def normal. Even some of the sleep heads have issues fitting on the bodies they were ordered with (Lunnula specifically had so many sleep heads from her fullset that couldn’t fit on their own bodies). Fairyland warns some sculpts won’t fit on the Fairyline bodies due to being small, some recent event heads don’t fit easily as well on Moe or A lines.

      If the buyer doesn’t want to sand the head, they could sand the edge of the neck key ever so slightly instead. That’s what I’d try first in this case, given neck keys can be repurchased but Soony is a limited head.
    7. This is a common problem. I actually had to modify the neck of mine when I had it.
    8. Oh dang, ya'll are right, I had never noticed until I just now went to check myself, but Juri 14 def doesn't fit on the original a-line neck keys.
      If it helps, though @whitfit , I tried my Juri 14 on my Ria's New Release A-line body and it fit totally fine?

      Finally took a pic of Gabe in his new wig! I need to get some wig wax for it, but I quite like it! Bless Monique Wigs for selling decent short wigs, haha!
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    9. His eyes are so scary! His makeup looks very natural.:)
    10. She is so gorgeous <3
    11. Hi everyone! I hope it's okay if I pop in here and share a picture of one of my girls that just got back from a faceup. This is Pythia my Nanuri 14 and I'm still in shock that she is mine!

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    12. She is beautiful. <3
    13. I'm wanting to get my Mirwen redone...she looks so sad!!
    14. I'm thinking about getting a Minifee for my third doll. I've always loved them, they're so cute and i like how slim they're bodies are so they fit into a lot more of the MSD clothing than my 47cm boy does. Anything i should know before getting one? Celine is my favorite so if i can get one second hand that's what i'll do.
    15. Yes, one very important thing to know before you get your first MNF - they are ADDICTIVE. And demanding, but in the most adorable way so that you can't say no to them! LOL
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    16. I am going to timidly poke my head in here, too. I am currently thinking (and awfully close) to purchasing my first MNF too (probably an A-line Celine). I only have 65cm+ dolls, so this will be a big change of pace for me. Oo;

      I was checking around the links on the first page but most don’t seem to have been posted in for a long while. Does anyone have recommendations on places I could look for clothing (aside from Etsy and eBay lol)?
    17. Etsy really is the best place, these days! The marketplace here is a lot drier than it used to be, especially secondhand, unless you're looking to commission custom work.
      Good luck to both you guys, haha. Minifee are like pringles, 'one' just isn't an option XD
    18. Does it matter what type of body i get? Do all the minifee bodies have magnetic hands/feet? Im thinking of doing the faceup myself, i've been trying to decide if i want to do the makeup myself or have someone do it for me.
    19. All of the bodies for sale on the fairyland site have removable hands and feet. The older aline body has hook feet. I’ve seen comparison videos on youtube for the aline and moe line bodies. There are lots of little differences that might sway you one way or the other so I would check them out.