Fairyland MiniFee MNF discussion part 64

Mar 26, 2019

    1. there's definitely some aesthetic differences between the bodies (the moe is MUCH shorter than all the others, for example), and there's also the additional problem of a couple of the heads not fitting on every body. We were just talking recently about how the Juri 14 head won't work on the original a-line body, but does work on the moe and the renewal a-line, for example.
    2. Are the boy and girl Minifee bodies usually the same height?
    3. No, female bodies are always shorter than the male body of the same type. You can find exact measurements for every kind of body on their website ^__^
    4. I was just curious because i've always wanted an MSD doll thats androgynous. I love my 47cm boy but its so hard to find pants to fit him because his hips are big and his legs are long so i gave up the idea of him being my androgynous doll so i figured i'd try a Minifee or Mini Doll Dream, since their smaller
    5. -sucks in a breath and lets it out in a rush- Plunge taken- my girl, tentatively named Violet, has been ordered. @,@; Let the wait begin and the plotting commence!
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    6. So, there's Fairyland dolls on the BJD Shop website, is that a recast site or a legit site? I havent heard to much about it
    7. BJD Shop is a recast seller. It's unfortunate that they're one of the top results.
    8. Has anyone gotten the Honoka fullset? If so, I would love to see owner photos. I recently applied to a few jobs and am planning on blowing all my cash on new dollies. :dance
    9. I do have her, but I’ve redressed her since. I love the fullset. It’s very cute and the wig is very nice.


      Even though I love the outfit, knowing that I like her redressed so much, I don’t know if I would do it again if I went back in time. I’d just get the doll. But it is very nicely made.
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    10. According to Fairyland's website, their only licensed dealers at the moment are Denver Doll Emporium in the USA and DOLK in Japan. If you're seeing them anywhere else and it's not being sold second hand by a previous owner (even then check that it's legit by asking for a COA or at least to see the inside of the head for the makers mark) then it's a recast and you shouldn't buy it.
    11. My Beatrice (Rendia) is finally complete enough to post! :D
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    12. She looks lovely! I can't wait to get my Honoka properly kitted out
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    13. I did! It took me months, but it was worth it.

      EDIT (since I don't want to double post): When I was taking her head off to add to her faceup, I accidentally pushed on the turnkey and most of her S-hook broke off. She's holding together for now, but I'm worried.

      Is there somewhere I can get just the S-hook without buying a completely new neck mechanism?
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    14. I feel like Im spamming with questions, so Im sorry if I am, but I know if you ordered the fullset Honoka you got the winking face, is that offer still going on? I am thinking of getting a Honoka instead of what I was planning on getting, and I really want that winking head...
    15. @ToshiIsAoba If you're looking to make an androgynous doll, I'd highly recommend the male moe body. I have a cross dressing boy and I got that body specifically for it. A lot of the female bodies are just that, very female in shape. The non moe boy bodies are aggressively masculine. The moe boy body by contrast is slender and under-developed. It has small enough measurements to fit into many clothes made for MNF dolls (male or female) so you have a lot of options. I also confirmed in an earlier post I made that the moe boy body can wear heeled feet if you go that route.The slender, underdeveloped qualities of the moe male body really lend itself to general neutrality.
    16. @CAKE TIME you did a fantastic job with her dress.
      I have seen places where you can buy just S hooks usually on company sites like how you can get minifee neck parts on Fairyland's site.

    17. Thanks for the help hun~ I already have his character in mind and like i said my 47cm boy isn't really small enough for the character he was supposed to be so a Minifee is definitely worth it. Quick question, i know im probably asking a crap ton but what's A La Carte? on Dolkus.com they have the body listed as Minifee A La Carte
    18. A la carte: You get to pick the body and any head in the list to make your doll.
    19. Oh God don't go through Dolkus. You're in the US right? Denver Doll is the official Fairyland USA partner. Dolkus is a nightmare to deal with.
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