Fairyland Pukifee discussion part 27

May 24, 2017

    1. Dean has a little sister (pukipuki)

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    2. What a great tree, @auntbear! It's so hard to find Christmas trees and decorations to scale. Yours is perfect.
    3. thanks. the tree i bought and fixed up, the ornaments i made, for the most part. the lights are a huge (33 foot) string of fairy lights, with the battery pack hidden under the tree skirt. it has taken me several years to fill the tree :)
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    4. @auntbear , your Christmas tree is so beautiful!
      Uh, it's never so easy with minors :XD:
      Merry Christmas!
    5. Hi everybody :) here is my pukifee Luna, Abby [​IMG]Abby by Dollink_, sur Flickr

      it's difficult to find a wig not too long, not too thick "fur" wig looks fake I don't know where I can find another
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    6. @DollInk - I love the Wednesday Addams look your Abby has going on.:thumbup

      Are you looking for a fur or fur-look wig or any fiber with braids? Monique Gold has a braided wig that might work: Anna. It's synthetic mohair and has longer braids than your wig, but they should be fairly simple to cut.
    7. @vermont chick thanks <3 I didn't know that model, but braids are too long but you had a great idea with Monique wig, they are the better, I ordered an "Evelyn" wig in off black :) thank you
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    8. It can be so hard to find wigs for this size that don't make the doll's head look twice as large! If you don't mind mohair, there are some plaited wigs out there that don't look too bad. I've seen nearly identical ones in a few etsy shops, and from bigger companies like mudoll or kemper. It looks pretty realistic even at this small a scale:

      Robin&#x27;s Egg Blue Speckles
      by Trillian, on Flickr

      This is a freind's doll wearing one from evali905 on etsy.
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    9. It does really look very natural. I've been trying to make one, but you have to be of a surgeon precision to get this result on a tiny head :nowords:
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    10. I've got the same wig for my Ante:
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    12. @DollInk - I think the wig looks fine. It's almost impossible to avoid a big head effect when the doll has a large head relative to its body. If you have a great deal of patience, you may be able to pull out enough individual strands of hair to make the wig thinner. Be careful not to end up with bald spots. I've heard of people thinning wigs this way, although I've never tried it myself.
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    13. I had a friend who had great success thinning wigs with thinning shears.
    14. So I've been rather tempted to get Thimble a sibling in her size. Does anyone have an Ante with a Shiwoo or Zoe?

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    15. Oops. Never mind. I was going to post a photo of an Ante with a Shiwoo--then I realized they are both LittleFee. Wrong size!
    16. Aww! I bet they’re still adorable together!
    17. There's a Vanilla in the mix (the redhead) but the BW girl is a Shiwoo and the tan girl is Ante.
      [​IMG]ADAD - Colorful by Beth Simmons, on Flickr
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    18. Here they are anyway. These are Little Fee, but you get the general idea. My Ante is an elf. The girl on the right is Lishe.
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    19. They are adorable!!