Fairyland Pukifee discussion part 27

May 24, 2017

    1. What a sweet group! You have them styled similar to what I was thinking of doing. I love Shiwoo as a little goth girl
    2. Dean got a surprise find from the Barbie-bin when I last visited my parents' : a wig/hat that fits just barely. She still needs bangs/fringe tho, so I'll probably make a few more using the wefts I've been accumulating. In the meantime, Dean (pkf Zoe) and her little sister Ruthie in their matching skirts.

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    3. They’re adorable!
    4. Thanks :)
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    5. Thimble is lovely! You need to share her more.
    6. I've got a quick question if someone could answer it for me. I've got a pukifee Mio on layaway right now and was wondering how 1/6 scale items would look with her. I've got a pukipuki so I've got lots of 1/12 scale items but I'm finding it hard to find any 1/8 scale.
    7. 1/6 or Playscale will be slightly oversized for most things. If you look at the Lori dolls from Target, or some of the Ikea furniture sets for small dolls I believe those are more in scale. It also depends on how you view the doll/character. If they are a child then oversized works well. If they are a tiny adult or "old soul" then I would look at the Target Lori sets or Walmart also has a 7" doll series that may fit.
    8. Hitty dolls are in the same scale as well - I picked Pukifees because they'd work with the Hitty-scale items I already had.

      And Mio is adorable. My profile pic doll is my Mio, Maddy.
    9. It's been ages but my girls had to have a day out ~ so Cookie, Macaron and Biscotti (aka Bonnie, Coni and Doni) had a party in the forest.

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    10. I am really loving these wee ones in braids, so cute.
    11. I gave Critter a bit of a makeover, and now she has...eyebrows.

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    12. I've never even heard of Hitty dolls before, I'll look into them!

      I've seen your Maddy around and I love her! She's actually one of the reasons I went with a Mio. :)
    13. @Xanadu Dolls - I want to come to that tea party! The girls are adorable in their crocheted dresses.

      @vertefae - It's always nice to see Thimble. I love her outfit and wig.

      @Redfaery - Critter looks surprised to have eyebrows. I like the look--so cute!
    14. Sorry for the double post, but I'm just excitedly preparing for my upcoming cutie and found a great pair of eyes by WillStoreMe on etsy. Only thing is that you can pick the iris size.

      Could someone take this measurement for me? I know the eye size is 10 mm I just need to decide between 5mm or 8mm for iris size and don't know which would actually work...
      (photo from the link I supplied above, I hope that's okay)
    15. And she looks very cute too!

      You are most welcome, the more the merrier I say! Thank you! :)
    16. Dean has 8mm iris-- typical of 10mm eyes, I think.
      If your pukifee has more closed eyes, then you maybe can get away with the smaller irises. Big-eyed sculpts like Zoe and many of the others would seem very scared or panicked with 5mm irises-- too much white of the eyes.

      That said, I haven't seen any smaller irises on pukifee, probably because they're so big-eyed.

      Dean's Spinarak buddy.
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    17. Love the eyebrows Redfaery
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    18. Thank you so much!
    19. Aw, thank you. <3 That's so cool.