Fairyland Pukifee discussion part 27

May 24, 2017

    1. It doesn't snow all that often in Seattle. But when it does...

      "Oh, where the snow is as high as a PukiFee's eye~"

      (That's Summer, my Mio, hiding in that little snowdrift. And none too happy about it. XD)
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    2. @Brightfires - OMG! What a fun photo! I'll bet Summer didn't care for that experience at all.:lol:
    3. Not in the least! :lol:
    4. Adorable! I hope you gave her a nice mug of hot chocolate to warm her up!
    5. We get more snow than we'd like here in New York. This was Winter Storm Sparta a few years ago. Scaramouche wasn't having it....

      [​IMG]Sparta part 2 by Beth Simmons, on Flickr
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    6. I love how utterly DONE that last girl with the brown hair looks.
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    7. @LadyMadrigal - Poor girls! The only thing worse than shoveling piles of snow is waking up next morning to find that an unexpected thaw has melted it all away.

      I'm loving these snow themed photos.:3nodding:
    8. That was our 12th snowstorm tat winter, and it was March 1st. We were both done with it at that point. :)
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    9. Loving the snow pictures. We had a little bit of snow, but it melted away again and now it's raining.

      So no snow pictures here, but Shanti did play in the garden last week:

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    10. Love all the snow pictures. Shanti you are adorable in the garden.
    11. Ooooooh! So cute! Shanti looks so happy among those spring flowers :aheartbea
    12. I maaaaaay have impulse bought a child last week. I've wanted a multihead for years, and up popped the exact one I wanted most, and in TAN of all things, right when I was hurting and needed to fill a void after a doll was stolen. So er... here's Rednettle (or Nettie).

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    13. @pinkandyellow - Congrats! I love her and her darling outfit. :aheartbea I hope she brings you much Puki happiness.

      I had Multihead Zefi and Bonnie a number of years ago. Sometimes I wonder why I sold them--they were so cute together.
    14. She's adorable! Multiheads are always so cute, and I'd forgotten that they'd made a Zefi. I love my Bonnie!

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    15. Yay! Nettie has joined the pukifee thread! @pinkandyellow I'm so excited to make more things for her and Dean.
    16. Has anyone tried the wigs made by Ruby Red Galleria on their pukifees?
      It says they are a 5/6, but I wonder if the head shape would make them fit strange on a pukifee.
    17. Sorry, I don't own any wig made by Ruby Red Galleria.

      Today is Valentine's Day :aheartbea And that's the best day to bite into some chocolate!

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    18. Oh I am so loving these snow photos . . . so cute . . . both of them! :love

      She's sooooo pretty, I can see why she stole your heart! :love If I had seen her first you wouldn't have got a look in. :wiggle
    19. So glad she found you - what a little sweetheart!
    20. Nettie is adorable!

      I’ve been searching for a sleeping plate for Thimble forever it seems like. So since I haven’t been able to find one- I ordered an entire new Ante from DDE. Lol
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