Fairyland Pukifee discussion part 27

May 24, 2017

    1. He's adorable! I love the outfit! But he doesn't look very worried about being late!
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    2. Oh he is sooooo cute! Just perfect.
    3. Holy cow, that's crazy-adorable! :aheartbea
    4. It's totally a pongpong's fault that I got sucked into this hobby. Darn pukis. (actually like 8 pongpongs.... I couldn't decide which size or age they'd be... then Ruthie came up for sale and that settled that.) Pongs seem to do well with a more level-headed partner-- I see lots of ante, mio, and zoe faces to balance out the pure glee.
    5. Hi! I recently wanted to add magnets to my pukifee facelpates to make sure they don't fall off but it seems they don't fit into the face plate part. The head parts fit the magnet nice and snug but the holes for the magnets on the face plate parts are too small. I have several pukifees from various years the newest one from 2018 and they all don't fit the magnets. I'm thinking I need smaller magnets than the ones Fairyland provides but I don't even know if you can get them smaller..
      Anyone else found this problem?
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    6. I used the tip of my hot glue gun to stretch the hole open a little more. Carefully.
    7. I’ve used a very sharp exacto to trim away a little of the hole so the magnet fits
    8. Thanks for the tips! The hot glue idea sounds interesting. I tried freezing the magnets hoping they would shrink as well as dremeling them down a bit but it's not enough. I'll try to make the opening on the faceplate bigger.
    9. OK! So I tried the heating metod. I found a piece of metal that had the diameter of the magnets. I heated it up above a flame and carefuly pushed it into the opening.
      I slowly leaned it into every direction to stretch the hole then tried if the magnet fit. I had to repeat the process at least three times before the magnet fit in a little bit.
      Then I used a stick of Hotglue to "hammer" the magnet in carefuly.
      This, however, only worked on one of the faceplates I wanted to mod so..
      I used my smallest scalpel to carve little Vs into the thinnest sides of the resin.
      Then I used the same method of "hammering" the magnets in.
      I also applied a small amount of super glue before putting in the magnets.
      The faceplates now snap nicely into place.
      It's still strange that the faceplates aren't compatible with provided magnets though...

      (Make sure to attach the metal piece to something plastic before heating it. The hot metal will singe the resin a little bit but the sud can be easily removed with a q-tip and a little nailpolish remover.)
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    10. So cute, so loved, my PukiFee Luna - Faina
      nice to meet you))
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    11. Just making sure everyone is aware of these new PKFs: DDE
      They only seem to be at DDE for now, not at the FL site.
    12. I hadn't seen them--thanks for the link! Selling them at DDE first seems to be standard procedure for FL these days. The exclusive is usually only for a few days, and then FL starts selling them too. Jude and Rosanna are adorable, with cute outfits, too. I had doll money. Would you believe I spent it only yesterday?

      I just noticed they have roller skates on! Squee!
    13. They're so cute ! I really like Rosanna.
    14. I had a hard time deciding between the two of them. I could only order one. I finally decided on a basic Tan Jude. Will be my first Fairyland tan and I haven’t ordered a Pukifee in quite some time. Very excited. Just waiting for the invoice from DDE.
    15. I am super tempted by Rosanna - she seems like the perfect mix between an Ante and a Bonnie (which just happen to be my favorite sculpts). I'm feeling a little over-run with tinies at the moment, but I have a feeling I'll end up adding her to my crew. Resistance is useless!
    16. The fullsets seem a bit lackluster, but those sculpts!! They're so adorable, I really love Jude's little teeth.

      Have they ever done that combined fullset before? I know they've done the matching fullsets, but I don't know that I've seen them sell the two together before...
    17. Yeah, the fullsets aren't all that exciting... except for those roller skates. If I'm reading the pics right they're resin with magnets so they can go in place of the pukifee's feet. (maybe?) If so, that's really clever and I wish they'd sell them separately.
    18. I love the new sculpts! They're making me itch to get Critter a friend...
    19. I just ordered Rosanna's fullset in tan. She is about the cutest thing since Maddy.

      And many years ago, I had a little girl gerbil named Rosanna, after the song that was all over the radio at the time.
    20. This is the first combined set I can recall, at least for PKFs.
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