Fairyland Pukifee discussion part 27

May 24, 2017

    1. I've been pretty disconnected from this hobby for the last year, even though I've been watching Fairyland through all their releases. They've definitely gotten like this.. specific face up styling lately that reminds me of posh ladies and lords with powdered wigs. Anyway, I had to snatch up Rosanna. I love her pastel coloring. Her cute face. The fact she doesn't look like someone hit her in the face with a pan of blue make up unlike the other dolls lately from Fairyland...

      Anyway, I'm happy to get a super tiny back into my life. Pukifees are so adorable.
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    2. Oops, a Jude jumped into my DDE cart...:D
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    3. I seriously want a Jude head - I might be tempted to get a basic...
    4. Jude and Rosanna are adorable! :)
      Do you think they will open orders for tan for the other sculpts soon?
    5. Master JuliaS, Faina is adorable! I love her little friends too!

      Here is Cally, my Pukifee Bonnie:


      I'm wanting to put kips into one of my Pukifee's neck. Has anyone done this with a Pukifee before? What size kip would I use?
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    6. I've bought the smallest ones from Hello Cool Cat on Etsy and they work well. Another thing that will really help is turning the neck peanut backwards - there's an "F" on it that is supposed to go in the front, but I've found that their heads are far more stable if you turn it backwards.
    7. LadyMadrigal thanks so much for the advice! I tried the turning the neck peanut around trick, and it made it a bit better, but I think I'll still need to put kips in. I'll take your advice and get the 10mm kips.
    8. If they're still a little big, you can trim them easily. They make a world of difference.
    9. I just noticed two new dolls Jude and Rosanna are available on Fairyland website now. No event this time?
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    10. Have you guys seen the new pukifees?? They've got rollerskates!! I hope they aren't fullset exclusive and that they get added to the parts section but oh well, we'll see. Is anyone planning on adding these cuties to their family?
    11. I wish, love Jude's face but I use RLF bodies now :(
    12. Not to be an enabler or anything, but have you seen the new dragon ones? A pukifee/realfee dragon would be pretty cool :wiggle
    13. I did ;) Those feet are pretty awesome!
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    14. Does anyone know will a magic eraser remove black marks from a faceplate? My girl arrived from DDE with marks on her sleeping plate
    15. I've heard that it works, but you shoupd be very gentle
    16. You might try just a damp tissue first. Again, be gentle!
    17. I ordered a Jude, but I'll probably put him on a RLF body eventually. My multihead and having the PKF head on the RLF body has totally spoiled me, they seem so much more proportional.
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    18. I like small heads PKF, but very few pretty molds. I would like more new multihead pukifee.
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    19. Thank you :) I'm really nervous as it's on the make up itself and I don't want to rub anything off. I don't know what the post office did, but her box was pretty crushed too. Luckily there's insurance on the package so we've filed a claim. But still, I want to save the face up if at all possible.
    20. Ah I really want a Jude! Those little teeth are so cute!

      You should contact DDE if her faceplate arrived damaged. They might be able to help. :)