Fairyland Pukifee discussion part 27

May 24, 2017

    1. I'm not sure I understand how that might've happened. Even if the doll was crushed, how could the sleeping faceplate be damaged in transit? Fairyland boxes are so sturdy!
      Open eyes faceplates arrive on the doll, so
      wasn't the sleeping faceplate (the damaged one) wrapped in something, or was it just floating unwrapped inside the Pukifee box? Could it be black from the velvet covering the inside of the box?
    2. The black marks may have been from the foam liner that is inside the box, they may come off with a soft soft cloth and a smidge of water. Years ago it used to happen much more frequently if I remember correctly. Most were removed without damage to the face-up.
    3. Her face plate wasn’t wrapped or escaped the wrapping.

      Luckily a light swipe with magic eraser removed all the marks and her face up is fine. That’s a scary prospect.
    4. I've had dolls get smudges from the black foam liner too.
    5. I did it, I caved and ordered a PKF Jude!!! I couldn't resist that cute little face :) I even did a mock-up (not a very good one but it was late) of her as my new Mya. She will still go on the RLF body though...
      [​IMG]jude mya by Ban, on Flickr
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    6. Hello there, I'm baaaack! After years of NOT having a pukifee and collecting MSD dolls I ordered a pukiFee Rosanna in tan yesterday. I missed all those tinnies in my life! it's sooooo wonderful to be able to watch yours again! I hope the waiting time will not be too long :)
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    7. I've taken the plunge and ordered the Pukifee Tika I'd wanted to join Pukifee Rin.

      He's going to be in Tan, but I'd been hunting for maybe a couple of years now and hadn't spotted him in NS, so I had to snap up the opportunity.
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    8. Was tempted by Jude, but only because I love those little toothy pegs! No dolly dosh though, so haven't ordered . . . figured I really have enough PukiFees anyway. :)
    9. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get hold of replacement parts of legs for pukifee ? My pukifee has got a damaged thigh and it makes standing difficult.
    10. I would try to get a good picture of the damage and contact Fairyland.
    11. If it arrived from Fairyland/DDE damaged then they can usually help replace it, but if it's been damaged since purchase then you might not have any luck. There are sometimes full bodies for sale, but it's very rare for anyone go sell just the legs unless they're making a hybrid.
    12. Thank you for replying. Unfortunately I have had him for some time and it was damaged at home.
    13. Thanks for replying. I guess I’ll have to look out for a full body.
    14. Or you could buy a full Pukifee a la carte, with say a Shiwoo head, and then sell the head in the Marketplace here, or list the split for the head in the Marketplace, (and PM me when it's there ;) ) as there's always people looking for heads.
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    15. Or you could offer a split in the marketplace! Say you really only need the legs. Someone may want to make a mermaid!
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    16. Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear that there will be another Tika. I don't see many photos of him here. I have one in NS.
      Btw how did you manage to order him? Rin and Tika are not available in a la carte.
    17. Denver Doll actually had one fullset left in stock, I don't know how, but I knew I needed to order him the moment Shannon told me!! I've made the first layaway payment so that little beauty is mine :)

      and yeah, there are so few owners photos around, which is crazy as I'd presume there are as many Tikas as Rins out there.

      I'm going to open eye mod his sleeping head, and buy a second body later, and then I'll have a pair :D
    18. Lucky you! I'm so happy for you. And I can't wait to see some pictures of your lovely pair!
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    19. I finally got my first PukiFee secondhand, and I love her! She won't be my last pukifee. However, she has no face magnets. The faceplate stays on with eye putty, but does anyone know the exact faceplate magnet size - width and depth? I've been searching for days but haven't seen her magnet size posted anywhere.
    20. The magnets I got with my Zoe are 5mm wide and 3mm deep. There are a lot of people who have had to enlarge the holes for the magnets.
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