Fairyland Pukifee discussion part 27

May 24, 2017

    1. Thank you Nancy! ❤️
    2. Has anyone tried 8mm eyes in pukifee Rin? Or even 10mm?
    3. @stelladolls My Rin wears 10mm. :) I do not think 8mm would be big enough.
    4. @Redfaery do you have a nice clear picture of her eyes?
    5. I've used 8mm Brilliant Glass eyes in more than one of my PKFs. I like the extra white showing. This is Zephyr with 8mm.
      [​IMG]Zephyr by Beth Simmons, on Flickr
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    6. I love the look of the 8mm. I have a rin coming and I bought her some 8mm but now I am sure that it’s perfect for her. Thanks @LadyMadrigal !
    7. She is adorable, and I love her little dress.
    8. [​IMG]
      My little Ante wanted to pop by and say hi
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    9. What an adorable girl and dress!
    10. Thank you so much
    11. Does anyone here use 12mm Mako eyes in their pukifee? I found a pair of eyes from that company that I love but I'm not sure if they'll fit?

      What are everyone's favorite eye companies for their pukifee? Thanks:)
    12. My Jude arrived today. I was getting a little frustrated trying to figure out who Jude was. We landed on this, but I'm still not sure. Went back and forth boy, girl, gender fluid clothes...blonde/red/brown hair, blue/green/grey....then I stole these eyes from another doll and put this discounted wig that I had laying around on her and trimmed it. We will see how long Jude lasts. I think the color of the eyebrows is throwing me off a bit, so I might have to try and darken them.

      [​IMG]Fairyland Pukifee Jude by Andrea, on Flickr
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    13. Such a sweet face. I'm sure you will come up with the perfect combo. Let's see her as a he to help.
    14. Thank you! I hope so! We did a little photo shoot. Didn't really help me.
      [​IMG]Pukifee Jude Boy or Girl? by Andrea, on Flickr
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    15. I really like the curly wig!
    16. You got your Jude??? Congratulations!!! She's even sweeter in owner photos.

      Did you order just Jude or the fullset?
    17. Andrea,
      I like the straight wigs but, with that in mind, hard to determine if should be a boy or girl. I have a littlefee that's a tomboy. Maybe that would help.
    18. I prefer the straight wigs. That said, I like little Jude as both girl and boy.
    19. Thank you! I bought it on a whim when I was buying something else because it was so discounted.

      Thank you! I just bought a basic Jude.

      Yes, I was thinking maybe a tomboy.

      I still can't decide. I just ordered a short bob, will see if that helps me decide.
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    20. I have to admit I am super jealous, I ordered a full set Jude and it has yet to arrive! I absolutely love yours. Personally I find the sculpt more feminine, but either way really looks great!
      Please spam more Jude pictures. I am dying waiting for mine.