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Fairyland Pukifee discussion part 27

May 24, 2017

    1. Congratulations! They are adorable!
      I like their names.

      Congratulations ohbumblebee! She looks so beautiful!
      When Fairyland released Jude and Rosanna I was so sure my Jude is going to be a boy. I'm not so sure anymore...
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    2. I just got mine 10 minutes ago!
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    3. She is so sweet, Martoola! Did she come with those eyes? They are just perfect for her cute tan face.
    4. Aww thx!! I was very impressed when I saw the color of her eyes, because I have never seen one in Fairyland. They have a delicate blue border, which perfectly highlights the light blue reflexes in her makeup. They are perfect for her!
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    5. Martoola,
      She is a beauty! Amazing! And the outfit is so tender)) Does she roller skate?

      We are visiting again, my summer Faina))
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    6. Wow Rosanna looks sooo pretty in tan skin. Has anyone got her in normal skin?
    7. My Jude arrived Monday- such a cute face but thinner than I'd imagined so it's taking time getting used to her IRL Somehow the photos I've seen make her/his face look wider. Anyway, here she is.
      [​IMG]New PKF by Ban, on Flickr
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    8. Molly has two new friends. Daisy (Flora) and Lulu (Jude).
      Pukifee Girls
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    9. OMG three tiny toothy peg smiles and two wonderfully cute pouts . . . I love them all! I had resisted these two for so long and totally convinced myself I did NOT need another PukiFee. Now, after viewing these, I'm thinking I made a HUGE stuff up!!
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    10. jude jude jude jude jude jude jude jude jude
    11. Ahh seeing all these dollies is making me so excited :love
      Jude is definitely my new favourite sculpt, still impatiently waiting on mines arrival
    12. Just saw this now-I am not sure if he will stay a boy or become a girl, I keep going back and forth . I think I will wait until Rosanna gets here and see how they are together.
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    13. [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Here's my pretty Honeytree! I really need to take some more pictures of her with her newer faceup~
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    14. Honeytree is so sweet, and I love her wig
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    15. Thanks, it's from tashkasbears on etsy!
    16. Honeytree is a cutie :3nodding:

      My first Pukifee arrived!
      It's one of my tan Jude's, her name is Chantilly Cinnamon ❤️
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    17. Thank you! She was my first ever doll!
      I love your Chantilly! You can get addicted to Pukifee I swear~ I love your Chantilly's faceup and her wig looks so thick and soft~
    18. Are you trying to tell me something???? LOL!


      Truffles is about to make a phone call. :)
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    19. I mean........Truffles obviously needs a twin......!