Fairyland Pukifee discussion part 27

May 24, 2017

    1. OMG You obviously haven't seen my family then. LOL! This was them cruisin' in their onesies a few years back.
      Top: Cadbury, Lady Grey, Macaron, Bon Bon and Truffles.
      Middle: Hershey, Cookie, Biscotti, Lindt, Gum Drop and fairy Pi (Sweetpea)
      Front: Darjeeling and fairy Wi (Wisteria)

      Unfortunately, Pekoe couldn't make this trip as she was still getting over her last sea voyage!


      I also have Kenyon (Tika) and Kelsi (Rin), and a spare Ante that needs some work!
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    2. Xanadu Dolls, Wow! What a wonderful rainbow!)) They are simply amazing) I’ve been considering it for 20 minutes and I don’t want to leave.

      We have not shown up here for a long time. Faina:
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    3. Thank you. Well just in case you were not already aware, these little critters are very addictive! :)

      Love the setting you chose for your photo, it's very pretty and so is Faina.
    4. @Master JuliaS - Your dolls always fit so beautifully into their settings. Faina looks so sweet!
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    5. Now that is the amount of Pukifee's I want ;)
      Faina is gorgeous, I really need to fix up my diorama haha

      One of my favourite photos of Pukifee's is a little ante in a tea cup, so I just had to recreate my own version :3nodding:
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    6. Ante is still a favourite of mine, and yours looks delightful in this very cute cup. :)
    7. Thank you! I really love my chip cup and she just looks the cutest in it :3nodding:

      I took my Chantilly outside, she's so pretty <3
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    8. ooh Ante is still one of my favorites. Your Chantilly is so pretty!
    9. Klara (my pukifee Zoe) joined me on my trip to the shore. Her first trip ever.

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    10. Oh! Another Zoe!

      Dean got a new faceup that isn't quite right but it's growing on me.

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    11. ihnasarima, I think she is beautiful!
    12. In person she looks like she's going to cry. She's too bossy to always look that way!
    13. I've been out of the rotation for a bit. These two new Pukifee are adorable. Keep the spam coming.

      Dean, Klara, Chantilly, Faina and all the others really make me miss my tiny ones. They're so beautiful.
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    14. Dean has been so patient while I keep mucking up her new dress. I keep trimming seam allowances just too small and blowing out the seams. Ugh. The fun of making up patterns as you go.

      [​IMG]Sewing issues by coriander homethorpe, on Flickr
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    15. That dress does looks pretty nice :3 Dean seems pretty pleased with it too. Good job~!
    16. Ihnasarima, your Dean is beautiful and looks truly patient. I love her new faceup.

      My new pukifees came few days ago. Riley (Rosanna) and Ashley (Jude) would like to say hi to everyone.


      Tan Rosanna is my first tan pukifee. Does anyone have Rosanna in natural/white skin? All Rosannas I've seen here so far are tan:love
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    17. I've seen photos of some normal skin Rosanna on social media. She's adorable in both skin tones for sure. Congrats on your little beans, Riley and Ashley are gorgeous.

      I stumbled upon a tan Jude for sale but unfortunately due to a Pukifee family member already being on its way (@[email protected]) and my son breaking my phone screen I'm all out of funds until the dolly purge happens.
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    18. Has anyone here ever gotten a brand new pukifee, and not been able to remove the feet? I got the Tika full set today and can’t get his feet off for anything. It feels like they were glued on. I don’t want to break him trying to hard but geez, he will break me first ! My poor nails.

    19. I would assume that's some awful combination of stronger-than-usual magnets and really snug tabs. It might be a silly question, but have you tried holding the ankle while tilting the toes towards the shin? It usually releases the back so you're not just yanking against the tab at the front.
    20. I don't remember if pukifees have it, but sometimes there is a little ridge to lock the feet on. Try turning the feet on the ankle ball and then trying.