Fairyland Pukifee discussion part 27

May 24, 2017

    1. The feet are indeed a little tricky. The tips you already got should help you get the little feet of your Tika. There is a lip on the ankle joint that faces forward. This clicks into the opening in the front of the feet. Normally you grab the sides or the back of the feet and just pull down, sometimes a little wriggle helps. I also noticed that warming up the resin a little tends to help. If need be I can post a little video or pictures of how everything looks inside so you have a better idea of what to attempt without causing harm.


      On a different note, someone is on their way home! I got superlucky and stumbled upon a long-time favorite Pukifee of mine. I had been waffling about getting that sculpt for a long while but always held off the boat because I hadn't been doing much with my tinies. But now when the chance presented itself I kind of jumped on it. So much for no more dolls or impulse buys...will I ever learn? I can't feel too guilty though. Pukifee are so cute! I feel like I could never have too many of these.

      So what are your favorite sculpts? Do you own any of them?
    2. I've seen a couple NS rosanna's and they're gorgeous, someone on Instagram has a gorgeous NS Rosanna if you just look under the tag pukifeerosanna
      I'm expecting a tan Rosanna though but I know she'll still be adorable :3nodding:

      Speaking of which, I ordered my Rosanna & Jude on May 3rd on DDE, but I've still seen nothing!
      I ordered a pukifee Ante as well though, but are they actually making other dolls or just the new ones right now?
      I'm not sure if this wait is normal since this is my first time ordering an unmade doll before, and I don't want to email DDE because they'll know about as much as I do, I just don't really understand how the fairyland doll making process works so I don't know when not to worry :lol:

      I got a new dolly in the mail the other day, someone was trying to sell off their collection quickly so I got a wonderful deal on her and just had to snap her up, original box, certificate, everything, I was ecstatic!
      Meet Elwynn Elodora my NS pukifee Ante <3

      She gets along swimmingly with my tan Jude!

      Now it's time to stop buying dolls and start building them a house :lol:
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    3. I remember the good old days when I was still convinced I could stop buying dolls whenever I wanted to, haha~

      Your little Elwynn is so adorable~! She does seem to enjoy the company of your Jude a lot. Do you have a second Jude incoming as well as a Rosanna? That sounds like a dream come true. Are they basics or fullsets? I'm not sure what the current waiting times for Fairyland are but 4 months seems pretty lengthy. Then again I haven't ordered straight from the company since the reorganisation.

      Just so I wouldn't come empty-handed. Here's a very old photo of my first Pukifee who was ordered straight from Fairyland. She's a definite keeper and has such a soft disposition.

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    4. Thanks everyone for helping me get Tika’s feet off. I did what you said and pushed the toes toward the front leg. They came off at that point. They were really tight though. I’m glad I can get the paw feet on. I’m happy. He is adorable !
    5. Haha yeah I have no chance to stop buying dolls, I tried!
      I wanted my 3 pukifee's and that was going to do me until the end of the year, but no, my friend got her Jude so I just had to jump and buy an in stock Jude because I couldn't wait, then I bought an Ante second hand, and an old pukifee event face plate which is going to need a body, and another non fairyland BJD and I still want more :lol:

      Yes I have a second tan Jude, I just fell in love with the Jude sculpt so I'm going to have 2 tans, but I also want a NS Jude too now, totally not obsessed with it

      They're all basics, I'm pretty certain it's my Ante holding up my Jude & Rosanna, I'm guessing those 2 are ready and raring to go but because I ordered the 3 together I'm in limbo waiting for any information on this Ante

      I love your Ante, she's a darling <3
    6. FAT CHANCE! No-one ever STOPS buying dolls, especially not these little dudes, they are so addictive you simply cannot help yourself. If I you're going to build them a house, you better make sure it's got plenty of bedrooms! :mwahaha

      Congrats on the new purchase, Ante and Jude make a very cute couple! :hug:
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    7. [​IMG]

      See how they grow, the little posers. :)
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    8. What a group of well dressed and adorable kids!
    9. Your Elwynn and Jude are beautiful.

      I ordered my Rosanna and Jude only a couple of days later than you from Fairyland. My order included Pongpong a la carte as well. Then dragon Realfees appeared. So I added Ena to my order of Pukifees. At the end of July FL announced summer event. I added summer event gift. I couldn't believe it when I received a delivery note from FL the first week of September. Huge package was delivered to me within a few days.
      I'm not sure your darling Ante is to be blamed for such a long waiting time.

      Wow! This is dream come true! Lovely posers!
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    10. Thank you both.

      And I've just caved in again and purchased a tan Jude. Try as I may, I couldn't resist that little toothy peg smile any longer. But I have a long wait, unfotunately dolly funds are VERY, VERY low (almost non existant and they will be after this) so I chose the 4 payment option. :)
    11. That's so strange then, I wonder why my wait time is so long? I emailed them at the end of July so I could pay off my final payment and they said they should have them within a few weeks, it's been 7 weeks since I sent that email & paid them off.

      Haha I am STRUGGLING to not buy more dolls, I saw a Bonnie up for sale and almost caved, but she has no box and no certificate so I've made myself wait for one that's easier to prove legit.

      All your pukifee's are so darling, I could definitely go for more, but without somewhere to photograph them I have no point to get so many dolls right now, even though I'm eyeing the NS Jude up on DDE right now and I'm finding it hard not to buy her :lol:
      and congrats on the Jude! I can't wait to see her when she arrives :)
    12. Glad to hear you got them off ^__^ we'd love to see his adorableness so don't hesitate to post some pictures when you can.

      What a beautiful bunch. They're too cute for words. I'm sitting here at work squeeing so hard. Congratulations on adding that tan Jude to the family. Will it be a girl or a boy? :3


      I'm still waiting for the seller to deposit my newest addition at her local post office so I don't expect her this week anymore unfortunately. With some luck next week though~!
    13. Thank you. One positive thing about PF's is they don't need much space to photograph them, a small room box is fine...so I think you should but that NS Jude before she/he disappears. :)

      Thank you. They are the most adorable little critters and have a way of worming their way into your heart. I'm not sure what gender my Jude will be until she/he tells me. I tried deciding gender before they arrived in the past, but they don't always agree with me, they really do have their own personalities. :)
    14. [​IMG]

      Truffles wouldn't settle for a simple mobile/cell phone, she wanted a British telephone box, so I made her one from a money box. :)

      Anyone else have any PF's they'd like to share?
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    15. I want to make sure I have the right money for customs first before I buy another doll, but I am very tempted, I have no idea how much it's going to cost but I know it's gonna hurt, I'd have ordered from Fairyland directly but everything is out of stock so I'll just have to deal with the customs from America
      It's gonna hurt :lol:
      I think my single doll's customs was 1/3 of the cost of the doll so I'm expecting around £300ish just on customs :doh

      I love that phone box, it's so cute!
      Elwynn is helping me make some rompers for her future Ante sister, since she's no where near as girly as my current 2 and all we have is an abundance of dresses right now!
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    16. We're pretty lucky here, we don't have any customs to pay on anything under $1,000, just GST/VAT of 10%.

      Thank you, my friend turned hers into a Police Box (like in Dr. Who). :)

      Good luck with the sewing!
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    17. Someone wanted to cuddle today so who am I to deny her the attention?


      On a different note, I'm totally stressing out. Is it okay to share? I thought maybe people here could relate.

      I purchased a Pukifee from someone on the 11th of September and so far there's no sign of the poor thing being shipped out yet. The last communication with the seller was on the 14th. First she told me that she was going to ship the 12th or 13th but she let me know afterward that the 12th she didn't make it to the post office and the 13th her sister gave birth so no time on that day either which is totally understandable. I asked her when she could ship the package and she responded she'd be able to do it on the 14th if she didn't have to work overtime. I told her that would be fine and to keep me posted. Since then I haven't heard from her again.

      Am I just overreacting? Maybe I'm used to people who ship fast? I wouldn't mind so much if she'd keep in touch but since then I've had zero replies on my messages. Just a quick "Hello, I haven't been able to ship yet but I estimate I can ship by <insert date here> would be fine." I understand real life can get in the way and I don't want to be 'that impatient buyer' but when do you think I should start thinking about opening a dispute on Paypal?
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    18. I would wait at least a few days. You have 180 days to file a Paypal dispute and filling one too early can really be an annoyance for the seller.
    19. I agree with you. The last thing I'd want to do is inconvenience a seller with good intentions. I think I'm going to wait until Sunday atleast and first message her personally to tell her I'm thinking of filing a dispute. If she would have already sent the Pukifee my way since the communication stop then it should also already have arrived by that date. We'll see. Sorry for my rant but I'm just such a nervous wreck when it comes to dolly transactions.

      On that note, almost time to go home and adore the tiny ones some more.
    20. I do feel for those waiting for dolls to arrive, it's such a harrowing experience at the best of times, but when things don't go ad smoothly as we expect, it's only natural to become even more concerned. Hopefully @AleishaJade and @Siara your dolls will arrive shortly, or at the very least you'll receive updates from your sellers. The dolls you have posted already are both very sweet . . . thanks for posting them. :)

      Here's a little something to perk your spirits up.

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