Fairyland PukiPuki Discussion Part 23

Jun 11, 2016

    1. CreationOddysey, I buy them when I can without a faceup, that's usually new. When buying a used one I usually wipe the faceup and start fresh. I recently purchased a Ruby from DDE. She had a faceup, but knowing that I could not order a new one I bought her anyway. The first thing I did was wipe her faceup off. Sadly though it's been too wet and humid to use the sealant, so she's been sitting around waiting.
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    2. Okay cool! I definitely want to do my own face up, but I saw on Faries and Fabric dolls ... I think that the faces couldn’t be removed on some of the dolls. Which made me worry a bit.

      Also thanks so much!!
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    3. I just pulled out my Puki Puki Pukisha and changed her face to the piggy one that has sat in her box for so long, until I get new pics up here is a old one of Petunia wearing her Spampy outfit ( can't seem to spell today).
      [​IMG]Picture2240 by derilan85, on Flickr
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    4. Such a cute little piggy!
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    5. Thanks I have ordered her some new eyes after 10yrs of owning her, now I have to change her friends outfit that has not been changed since that time as well...……..I am so slow at changing my dolls clothing.
    6. So many cutie pukis here... I may wonder if some of you have to show a puki puki in 6 mm eyes? I'm curious to see mofe pics how they looks.. 8 mm seems a bit big eyes for them, or is my impression?
    7. Petunia is just adorable and looks great in her pink outfit
    8. I just got Petunia her Oscar eyes, boy someone really thought there was something valuable inside her box from Doll Peddlar, my mom left me a note saying the small usps box had already arrived opened, but my eyes were still inside. First time in over 10yrs someone tried to open my package, now I will have to sit at the window and keep a eye out for my packages.....along with my hubby's Glock 17:evil:
    9. @Bagirka , I finally got Ruthie the Monique Honor wig that your darling has. Actually I got two: one in the light brown, close to my hair, and the other in bright purple.
      You can imagine which one my toddler Pongpong chose immediately...

      [​IMG]The little ones dressed themselves
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    10. I love seeing these. @ihnasarima Your little toddler looks so cute in that wig though. I love Pongpong
    11. Thanks! I've got some brighter eyes for her in the mail, too. Soon she will be complete! For now, she'll just fly around with messy pigtails and gleeful giggles :XD:
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    12. My goodness, Ruthie is adorable in those glasses. Very cute photo ihnasarima.
    13. How sweet! She couldn't be any cuter.
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    14. ..I don't know about that ;) She doesn't have a faceup yet!
    15. I finally finished Bea's teeny tiny kimono and thought I'd share it here too.


      Ta-dah! She needs a wig. I might try making one because I love fiddly but...yay.
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    16. Oh my goodness she is wonderful!
    17. Wow great job, it looks wonderful and Bea is adorable.
    18. Aww that is super cute! It looks really good!
    19. My little Ashley)
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