Fairyland PukiPuki Discussion Part 23

Jun 11, 2016

    1. Ashley is so cute - is that the Rose sculpt? Love her sweater - did you make it?
    2. Thank you very much) it's Ruby sculpt.
      Yes, I made the sweater)
    3. @TatianaSL Ashley's such a cutie! And I have to know..how did you do the sweater? It's such tiny stitches
    4. Thanks you! I use very thin knitting needles and very thin yarn.
    5. @TatianaSL I'm impressed, that must take a lot of patience
    6. It is not difficult for me. It takes a lot of time, but I like fine knitted things, they look real.
    7. @TatianaSL I can't argue with that. It does look real, more so than trying to get something bigger to fit.
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    8. So many sweet little darlings! I just ordered one from DDE and now I'm really excited for her to arrive. :D
      I'm thinking I'll try to make her some clothing, but I've never made doll clothes for any size, let alone tinies. Any tips for making stuff for such small little bodies?
    9. are you planning to hand sew? or by machine? In either case, I always try to stay away from fabrics that fray easily. I often use knits like t-shirt material. Knit material makes the fit a little more forgiving. If you are planning to sew by machine, I use an embroidery stablilizer called "fuse n tear". It is a sort of papery product you iron on and it keeps the tiny seams from being sucked into the machine feed dogs. After you finish the seam, you can carefully tear the paper away. By no means do I produce professional results but those are tips that make it easier for me
    10. If your doll is a girl, you can hand sew bits of lace and ribbon together to make a cute dress.
    11. I just made an adorable pukifee dress, but when I tried to make a matching one for pukipuki, it.. uh.. failed. I've made others that have worked better. It's all experiments! You can go as simply as wrapping scraps around and sewing them on right there, or (for pukipuki) you can even use Kelly/Shelly patterns from Barbie stuff. I have an engineering brain, so I like to look at clothes I like (dolls, humans...) and look at their seams to see how they are put together. Then comes Moar Espeermints!! (as Ruthie says) as I try to make it myself.
    12. Thank you for the tips and suggestions, @namaro @nancy_schroeder_ca and @ihnasarima ! I guess there's gonna be a lot of experimenting in my future. Not sure if I'll be hand-sewing or machine-sewing just yet, but I'll probably try both and see which I like better. And thanks for the material ideas!
    13. I usually hand-sew my Puki Puki size clothes. I have a set of clothes patterns designed to fit Kelly/Shelly that I bought online.What I've made with them so far has fit.
    14. Where did you buy your patterns from, if I may ask?
    15. I bought it on ebay from sassybears. Its the 4" Doll Clothes Pattern- Fits Kelly.
    16. I'll check that out, thank you!
    17. My l'il Muffin arrived! For whatever reason I can't actually put the picture into my post, but here's the link if anyone'd like to see! She's so little and grumpy.
    18. So cute! She may be tired from traveling, but I would guess it's more of an attitude :)
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    19. Aw!! Chichi makes an awesome girl! Congrats!
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    20. Chichi has as much /GRUMP in their tiny selves as Pongpong have /EXCITE.
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