Fairyland PukiPuki Discussion Part 23

Jun 11, 2016

    1. I've made most of my doll's clothes by hand sewing. They're nice to sew for you can use fabric scraps, ribbon all sorts for bases and you can generally find scale little buttons and things.
    2. I was sick with a cold over Halloween, but I took Halloween photos today so sorry I am a bit behind! My puki Pumpkin King only gets to come out once a year.
      [​IMG]A Little Hocus Pocus by Tineke, on Flickr
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    3. Holy cow, I love them! :love Sorry you were sick on Halloween.
    4. @redmaiko It sucks to be sick, but he looks amazing enjoying his grimoire. It's a shame he only gets to come out once a year
    5. That book is great! Did you make it?
    6. Thank you! I just love this little pumpkin head!
      Yeah, I my other dolls seem to get the rest of the year! :sweatThank you!
      I wish I did! I got it from a shop called Little Things of Interest. Even the pages inside are printed!!:whee:

    7. Wow, Spike looks amazing....:aeyepop:

      I think its my first time seeing a pukipuki with a baseball cap :ablink:
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    8. @eevee445 Thank you! It is from a Volks line of dolls and clothes called "Who's That Girl?". I don't think they make them anymore, sadly.

    9. Awwww..... it’s alright

      I’ll look them up

      Say hi to tiny spike for me

      Does anyone know how long does it take FL to restock on pukipukis?
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    10. They're not out of stock, per se. They used to be available a la carte, but FL shut down production for a while, and only reopened certain lines. Pukipuki should be opened again at some point, but FL hasn't said when.
    11. Hey everyone! I've been gone for such a long time, and my PukiPuki Piki, Lola, has been hiding out in her box for a while. By a while, I mean years rather than months! I don't know if this means I should sell her or if I need to get her out of the box and play with her again? She's such a cutie... Maybe she just needs a new face-up and I need to learn to sew clothes for her!

      Sorry for the rambling train of thought! Just wanted to get back involved in this community! x
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    12. Definitely get her out and play with her! Make or buy her a new outfit! There are a lot of cute clothes on Etsy!
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    13. I started sewing clothes for Ruthie by looking at the Dollar Store dolls' clothes: a super simple strip of ribbon, pleated to fit width of fabric, pleated to fit around torso, ribbons for shoulder straps, and snap/velcro closure in back or a tiny ribbon belt to tie behind.
    14. I'm trying to post a photo that I uploaded to Flickr but can't seem to be able to share it for some reason, or the image says it's broken! I'll try from my laptop tomorrow. Thanks for the warm welcome and understanding words x
    15. Are you posting from a computer or a cellphone?
    16. I was trying to post from my phone. I uploaded to Flickr and copied the link, but the image would work It's been too long since I posted here!

      [​IMG]20181129_180024_0001 by Hannah, on Flickr

      Here's a picture of little Lola that I took yesterday! I forgot how cute she is. I do need to find a good EU/UK-based faceup artist though I think :)
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    17. After uploading, I have to access it via the flickr website, not the app, change it from mobile to desktop site, then use the sharing options (curved arrow icon) to get the BBCode. Paste that into your posts here.

      Have a little Ruthie too
      [​IMG]at the Shedd by coriander homethorpe, on Flickr
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    18. Ooo good to know, thank you! That photo is super cute. Love that she's imitating the penguin :D I just spent the evening knitting Lola a tiny sweater and hat. The hat needs a little tweaking but the sweater is fab! I'll take a photo tomorrow to share with the group!
    19. Yay tiny projects !

      Yeah, Ruthie is quite the character-- she's better known than I am in this hobby (as it should be, I think.) Everybody should love Ruthie-- I do! and that's why she was my first!
      We went to my roomie's work decorating party today. Of course she had to show off her new dress, and show off in general.
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    20. [​IMG]Lola's New Jumper by Hannah, on Flickr

      Here is Lola in her tiny sweater glory! I used 2mm needles and the fanciest yarn ever. It was the only laceweight I have! :XD: A blend of silk and Mohair so it's gloriously fluffy! I love it :D I want to knit all the tiny sweaters now!
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