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Fairyland PukiPuki Discussion Part 23

Jun 11, 2016

    1. That's adorable! A fluffy pale pink sweater is perfect for her!
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    2. Thank you so much!! I need to find a leggings pattern for her I think.
    3. @ihnasarima Ruthie has every right to show off. She is absolutely gorgeous in that new dress.

      @HananatheBanana Ok I adore that sweater! It's making me wonder about getting my own needles out. Good luck finding a leggings pattern.
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    4. @Barmy Bunny , one of these days I'm going to make a collection of Goofy Ruthie pics. It's gonna be BIG.
    5. Do it @ihnasarima ! We need to see all the Ruthie pics!

      I haven't done much with my two lately. I have a dress kit for my Lilith I have yet to put together. She has a Fairyland wig that doesn't fit right, and I'm trying to find her a better one. Monique and DDE have something that would work but not in the right color. Why is a girl's wig without bangs in dark brown or black so hard to find? I think the next girl will have neon hair, just because there are more choices.
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    6. @ihnasarima I second @Leo Pheonix We could all do with more goofy Ruthie pics. It's one of hte things I love about my pong. Such happy faces make you smile.
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    7. Hoooboy. Easiest way is to send you to the doll insta and say ignore the other kids. I can't filter it to just Ruthie. @ruthiedeankitaco

      eta: (I'll build a gallery here when I figure out how to get pics from insta to load here. Using flickr is so many steps...)
    8. [​IMG]Lola wanted to dress up today! by Hannah, on Flickr

      Just to encourage the sharing of spam on this thread, here's little Lola in a fireman's helmet! I attempted to knit her a Christmas sweater and it failed but that's OK :lol:
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    9. I’m in love with these tiny dolls :D

      And absolutely can’t wait for FL to have them up again :eusa_pray

      Yeah I came late to the fandom and only have 2

      would buy several as soon as I get the chance :dance
    10. I don't have more than 2 yet either, but I want at least 2 more!
    11. I only have one. I keep stalking the marketplace to see if any go up for sale. Not that I have the funds to get another doll :XD:
    12. I have 1 and she is a handful, don't know if I could handle any more, she wanted sparkly eyes so I got her 1 pair of Oscar eyes, now she wants more...….my poor wallet:chomp:
    13. I found a listing on eBay for a Dark Moon Ruby. I wasn't sure about her but then searched for other people's and omg. Such a cute mould. I'll probably resist her though seeing as I'm finding it so tough to find a face up artist in the EU to send Lola to :sweat
    14. I've only got the one, but I have two very different faces so I'm desperately hunting about for a body for my girl so I can have the two and they can get up to more mischief
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    15. That'd be amazing! I don't see as many Pukis on the marketplace as there used to be! I can tell I've been away from the scene for a while. A lot has changed.
    16. I know, I'm in the same position. Coming back, things are different. But maybe Pukis haven't been available for a while. I do know you used to be able to get just a body from Fairyland so I'm hoping when they come back I can nab one
    17. Yeah that's true. Maybe they're focusing more on their other sizes of doll. These tiny dolls will always have a place in my heart!
    18. I bought a couple of sewing patterns for my little one! Just wondered where people get fabric with small patterns on them? Thanks!
    19. Craft stores: quilting cotton! Look at the bolt edges to see how it looks bc that's a small area. But look in the remnants bins for small amounts on sale!

      Thrift stores: baby/kids clothes for tiny print. Patterned socks. Baby hats. Baby socks work v well for pukifee hats. Underwear has small patterns a lot. A pair of boys boxers made 2 SD buttondowns- 1 pj shirt and one sleeveless blouse.

      Family/crafters: I have quilters in my family who save me scraps now.
    20. Thanks for the advice!! I bought some bits and am now excited to see up some cute tiny clothes :D