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Fairyland PukiPuki Discussion Part 23

Jun 11, 2016

    1. Watch out for the thickness of the fabric too, not just the size of the print. There's variation of thickness just within the "quilting cotton" range. Sometimes second hand clothing (like thin summer blouses) are even better sources of fabric.
    2. Doll Artist's Workshop Doll Artist's Workshop - minidolls.com has some nice tiny lawn prints. Lawn is much thinner and softer than quilting cotton. They sell fabrics for dollhouse dolls, so the scale should be perfect for Puki's. They also sell by 1/8 yard which is plenty for tiny dolls!
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    3. I got my Lilith a new wig from Monique. It fits snugly, but the bangs are too long and the back is a floofy mess,
      I have no idea how to fix it :sigh

      Anybody have any advice or know of a thread that does?
      #583 Leo Pheonix, Dec 14, 2018
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    4. I'm no expert, but trimming the bangs wouldn't be too difficult if you have sharp scissors. I haven't styled a BJD wig, but I used to do this on barbies. Wet the hair and use either straws, or pencils, to wrap the hair around to make the ringlets, and secure with a tiny clip. Leave the dry. If it's slightly crispy, you could add a little conditioner to the hair? Like I say, I've never done a BJD wig, but it worked on barbies.
    5. Wow thanks for the link
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    6. I don't think it's early! We need time to enjoy her! She is so sweet!
    7. OMG she is perfection!! I strongly encourage more spam here! I'm in the process of knitting a tiny dress :D
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    8. Ah! She's so pretty @redmaiko ! I'm working on sewing a dress for my girl.
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    9. [​IMG]Lola's New Dress by Hannah, on Flickr

      Here's the dress that I made for Lola! I added some cables on the skirt (maybe I'm insane?!) and still need a snap for the back but it's super cute!
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    10. Lola's dress is adorable!
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    11. That's an adorable dress!

      Quick question for you all. Do you just "hang out" with your pukipukis sometimes? For me, I'm pretty much always chilling with my little one, especially when I'm on my laptop.

      laptop buddy

      The dress I made her is held together with a long strip velcro so she can sit on the top of it perfectly. Wasn't even done intentionally!
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    12. They are all adorable
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    13. @juni-fee Yep! Ruthie came to work with me a lot this summer. And a lot of other places too.



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    14. She's so cute!
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    15. @nancy_schroeder_ca @eevee445 @Leo Pheonix Thank you!!
      @HananatheBanana Thank you! Lola's dress looks wonderful! Such tiny stitches. :)
      @juni-fee Hehe! Yeah, I will sometimes get out one of my dolls and just set them next to me on the couch. Often while my hubby is playing video games. Sometimes that is how I get photo ideas...just posing them while watching him play. lol Adorable dress!
      @ihnasarima So cute! I love that first photo of Ruthie looking out over the lake!
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    16. I am new in DoA. Rose came to me just before the holidays. I am so happy that this lovely angel can arrive on time and celebrate Christmas with my puki family.

      [​IMG]Christmas_Rose_6 by Michelle Liu, 於 Flickr
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    17. You’re so lucky
      And she’s so adorable
    18. Thank you eevee! Rose is my first Pukipuki. She is old, just retired from modeling for a BJD item/artist store, but I fell in love with her at first sight! I am so grateful to have her.