Fairyland PukiPuki Discussion Part 23

Jun 11, 2016

    1. I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmastime! @mimi2018 your new PukiPuki is so adorable! Welcome to the chat.
      Who received some PukiPuki-related gear for Christmas? I wanna see pics :D
    2. For those of you looking for a PukiPuki, there is a Lily for sale on the market place for a good price

    3. Can’t wait to be able to access the market place :)

      I’ll be looking for Pukipukis all day long :drool
    4. I also saw a few Pukipukis available in second hand market such as eBay lately. Unfortunately their price were too high for me. Sellers stated they set the high price coz Fairyland discontinued the line...I really hope not. :(
    5. Well... I got FL response that states otherwise below is their response to me when I asked about pongpong

      Thank you for your continuous support for FairyLand dolls.

      In order to focus on implementation of new system, we are trying to minimise stress and concentrate with what we can at the moment.

      Tan Skin and event will come naturally, when we feel confident enough.

      Doll lines that are not listed on our notice board will become eventually available again in near future as well.

      Thank you for understanding. “

      So let’s cross our fingers in hopes they’ll be back soon
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    6. Ruthie still gets a turn coming shopping with me. We were at the craft store when we found a birdie just a proud as Ruthie is excited -- and wearing glasses like hers!

      [​IMG]Glasses buddies by coriander homethorpe, on Flickr
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    7. Oh Ruthie is so precious! I've been a little AWOL on this site since Xmas. Poor little Lola has been forgotten about, but I'll make time to knit her some more clothes soon
    8. I’ve been able to track down a second hand Darjeeling. Really hoping FL brings pukipuki back soon
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    9. I certainly hope they bring them back soon. I am on a seemingly endless quest for a body for my beautiful Bea so she can stop sharing her brother's.

      @ihnasarima Ruthie looks so pleased someone else has her glasses.
    10. Ruthie is adorable!

      I do hope they will bring back the smaller sizes. That message from FL does sound encouraging.
    11. On the Real Puki thread someone was able to confirm that the smallest lines Real Puki and PukiPuki are on hiatus. They will be made again, eventually!
    12. I so love this thread. And FL wouldn't DARE keep the little guys out of stock forever! Imagine the outraged joojoo that would descend on Korea!

      Pook demanded that I let him announce his return!

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    13. Sorry...don't mean to spam, but saw this after I posted above...

      Wiishu and Pooki take reading road trips with us all the time...Here they are at our favorite spot in Missoula, MT

      And he's always underfoot, er, fingers when I'm working

      And he's a favorite at our local sports bar. He and Wiishu always dress up for the St P's day pipers.
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    14. Love these pictures! Destiny!!!
    15. Thanks! Pooki's a bit of a goofball. Our household was relatively tranquil until he showed up. The dominator was from his abortive attempt to win Project Runway a few years ago. The story begins here
      And the followup (Pooki's revenge for my screwup...) continues here
      His goal is to rule the universe...after he learns to talk. Right now he just thinks...and spits...very eloquently. :D
    16. Great to see Wiishu and Pooki again - they are always too cute and up to something :D
    17. I've got a BUNCH of stories to process....
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    18. I think it's really hard not to take them with you; they're so small after all and always up to mischief.
    19. I finally got one of my pukipuki dolls back! I've missed them so much!! I really hope FL brings them back soon :...(
      here's a picture of my sugar :aheartbea the name suits her so well I don't know what else to call her hehe
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