Fairyland PukiPuki Discussion Part 23

Jun 11, 2016

    1. Dying the fingers and toes?? That’s smart!
    2. Thanks! We'll see if it holds up. I only used Rit this time, not iDye Poly, so it can and may eventually wear off, but I am hoping it will go much slower than simply blushing and sealing. Pip and my LTF Stella are the two dolls I handle and play with the most, and their hands in particular are aways getting chipped.
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    3. Thank you ^-^ I'll relay the message to her. Crossing every finger and toe possible that they'll open the Puki-line again. My heart will break if they're discontinued forever.

      Thank you! :3 I've found some useful information there.

      We're not too sure yet what her personality is but so far she seems to be a calm gentle soul. Which is good because I wasn't sure if I could handle another tomboy right now, haha~

      Pip is looking mighty fine. Smart move dying her little parts :3 I love the soft tones on her, she looks almost life-like. That wig is adorable as well with the little ribbons.

      Were you asking about Teagans sculpt or someone elses? If so, Teagan is a Ruby.
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    4. Oh a Ruby! Awesome! She's one of the "newer" ones I am less familiar with but she does look like a sister sculpt to Ante and Pipi, I feel like they have the same eyes.
      Pip is a Pipi. And she thanks you very much! She's been rocking the twin tails hairdo for oh, 10 years now! My goodness. So it was high time I freshened up that wig and restyled it again. I got it from Tabloach, they're the best for Pukpuki wigs! They also sell lots of Kelly/Shelly/Tommy sized clothing which fits pukis really well.
    5. Pip looks great in her new wig.
      Tabloach has great wigs, and they're also one of the reasons why my Truffle can play dress-up. I have lots of little Tommy and Kelly outfits, and most of them fit PukiPukis really well.
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    6. Thank you very much! I do so love Tabloach stuff. So cute, so very affordable!
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    7. I'm in love with the Puki Sugar sculpt ; w;
      Any idea if the pukipukis are getting released again?
    8. I sure hope they release them again soon!!! I would love a WS body for my Pumpkin King! Plus I still keep staring at cute little Niko!

      A picture I took of Miku and Tasuki at the latest meet up:
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    9. Sophie has a new 'do! Now if her new clothes would get here, she would really be happy!!
      [​IMG]IMG_3183 by Bibi Arreola, on Flickr
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    10. A bit sad to see this thread slowing so much, but then again, I'm as guilty in my absence as anyone else. Thought I'd pop in with an update in my life.

      I've a great subscription to Photobucket, which rate isn't available anymore but I'm locked in, so I have access to all I need. I've been busy rebuilding my LittleFee photostory, which includes a lot of PukiPuki features, in addition to a video blog begun on YouTube during a work suspension. Life's been fun, or challenging, whichever you choose. It's all a mindset. At any rate, between those two things, applying for (and getting) a different job, plus continuing work on my dollhouse now that I have a dedicated craft room, things are moving along nicely. So sorry I haven't been around much for the past 3 years. Wow. And I just celebrated my 8th year membership of DoA.

      I'm on Instagram, and have a youtube channel. Most of the material I post doesn't fit here, but I took that dollhouse tutorial from here and transformed a bit of it into a video. It's about 2 1/2 minutes long, definitely different than what I posted here simply due to format. If you want to check it out, the link is:

      It's called Brenda's Boring Blog, in case you want to follow along.
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    11. Fabulous work!! I would love to see another tutorial on the other work you have done!
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    12. I did a wig and its on my project journal.

      I also found a woman who sells kelly's clothes for 15R$ the kit, so I'm having a blast

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    13. What a cutie!!!
    14. Ask and you shall receive, txchiclady. For this week I have indeed gotten a couple more rooms finished and am happy to share the transformation. Next video may take a bit longer as I'll actually be doing some Work(!) on camera. Technicalities should be an interesting challenge on that one. Without further adieu, please enjoy:

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    15. Off to watch now!! Thanks!!!
    16. Very neat @Darkwind ! My pukis could use a hangout spot of their own, though it won't be as detailed as yours!
    17. It's Your Kids house, you make it how you want. I also have a simple stable made of popsicle sticks they hang around in.

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    18. I bought a similar doll (its like kelly, but brazilian) to steal the mobilia to use for my pukipuki, but I need to do the room box yet
    19. I have a Piki on her way home! Birthday present to myself ❤️
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