Fairyland PukiPuki Discussion Part 23

Jun 11, 2016

    1. I know! I’ve kind of been taking that as a certainty... I’ve been looking forward to grow both my realpuki and pukipuki family.
    2. Looks like they will be ending the preorder early due to the high demand. That is a good thing, really! They know they are still wanted! What really concerns me though, is that Fairyland got threats and mean feedback. Why can't people just be nice? :(
    3. @Ruthiepooh , it would be a huge disappointment if they aren’t able to resume production after all. I’m sorry for the person who’s having such health problems as well.
      @redmaiko , yes that is a good thing! Shocking & sad to hear they’ve received threats & cruel comments.
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    4. Oh no, that ruins so much for everybody!

      It is good that they have a high demand though, pherhaps that means this person can get some help with parts of the process.
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    5. Adrian is absolutely perfect :D
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    6. [​IMG]
      The most adorable custom wings ever arrived the other day, international shipping is a pain right now - but they were worth the wait, so pleased with them! <3<3

      Highly recommend Mariyah @ EnchantedFae3
      Fairy Doll Wings by EnchantedFae3
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    7. The not so cute threats is disturbing. I hope they're joking :( If not I feel terrible for them.
      @Budgie her wings are adorable!

      sorry I've been gone, we're trying to buy a house and it keeps getting delayed. everyone is packed away for a move that isn't happening fast enough!
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    8. @Budgie Love her wings! glad to see them in another picture that is not a sales pic, since I wasn't sure how they would photograph. They are beautiful!
      I am impatiently waiting for mine. :whee: They shipped a week ago but aren't moving much.

      @elfy016 Sorry to hear about your move going not going well. Or not going at all.

      I haven't had dolly time at all since work is crazy but I am enjoying everyone's photos!

      No idea what the "cute threats" are. "If you don't release more Pukis I will eat an entire cake I'm one setting" sounds cute-ish. I can't quite imagine what else would be a cute threat. :?
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    9. @TheDoctor - where are you based? I'm in the UK, took around 6 weeks lol! But can't wait to see them when they arrive!!
    10. @Budgie Germany. So same boat so to speak. :) Tracking has Flora's wings located somewhere in California. It worries me a bit that Etsy has them listed as "delivered", but they are probably in a distribution centre waiting for a flight out of the US. How long did your wings take to arrive?
    11. Trust me when I say watching the tracking will infurate and confuse you!
      I was gonna post the tracking history, but it's not avaiable now; it notes that she posted them on 29 April, 2020 and I can see that they didn't even leave the USA until 11 June, 2020! All that time I kept getting status updates saying "shipped to destiation country" but then they would next be tracked in some other state - it was crazy.
      They finally arrived at Heathrow international hub on the 12 June and were then with me on the 16 June!
    12. [​IMG]
      Happy July everyone :)
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    13. [​IMG]
      Flora is now a true fae! Her wings came.

      @Budgie Happy July to you guys too! :)
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    14. yay!! She looks so happy in them :D

      Also didn't seem to take as long to arrive, hehe.
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    15. @Ruthiepooh Such well dressed children! :) The two of them look very cute!
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    16. I made some progress with Flora's study today Here is a sneak peak. I will update my project journal some time this week when I'm a little further along.

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    17. @Ruthiepooh Cuteness overload from your two and their sweet outfits!
      @TheDoctor Flora's space is looking great so far! Leon's been asking for a space of his own lately, but he'll have to wait until I have at least one of the houses meant for my Real Puki's done.
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    18. I got some great news today! My Pukipuki Pongpong has been shipped! I ordered May 31st, and DDE got him already. I’m just so happy!
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    19. @Ruthiepooh Oh so cute! I am astounded by those tiny stitches!:ablink:
      @TheDoctor Wonderful room for your little one!
      @kurogane Congrats!! Mine shouldn't be too far behind then!:celebrate
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