Fairyland PukiPuki Discussion Part 23

Jun 11, 2016

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    1. Pukpukis are incredibly adorable. I've a few in my grail list. They are so tiny it hurts but I love them for that.
      Now if only I could find more things for them that weren't so modern! :XD:
    2. Pukipuki Ruby & Smart Doll Challenge.

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    3. If you mean not-so-modern accessories, I've had luck with some Re-ment sets and country dollhouse items. If you mean clothing, I hope someone else has a great suggestion for that.
      Happy Hunting!
    4. things...outfits? What era? The options in patterns aren't exactly large. They're pretty easy to make clothes for.

      Heh heh...I hadn't really looked at the 1:12 scale offerings before. Pook would scoff at the flatscreen TV and sparklie spit it out of existence. Anything smaller than a 60 inch won't do for him. Nope nope nope.
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    5. A lot of Obitsu11 sized clothing may fit a pukipuki, and there's suddenly a lot of it around on sites like etsy.
    6. They are 6mm oval flats. I got them from fleurdelysdoll. Sorry I didn’t see this before now.

      I finally found a sleep face for my pukipuki ante Thumbelina. It needs to be repainted but yay
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    7. are they resin o glass? Its fleurdelysdoll where, etsy?
    8. The Etsy shop is closed currently but the website is Fleurdelysdoll

      I found Glib oval glass eyes.
    9. thanks very much!
    10. Looks like you got the help you needed. Good luck!
    11. It says the shop is closed, but I dont mind the wait :3nodding:
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    13. Guys, for whoever want a Ante, someone is selling one in the facebook pukipuki group
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    14. If it's the same one, she's sold. Price was UK. She's gorgeous
    15. Hey, folks. Pook needs restringing and I can't find anywhere what size elastic to use. I'm sure it's staring me in the face somewhere, but does anyone know off hand what I need to get?
    16. I'm looking at a pukipuki and have only one terrible photo to view so far. This one has no belly button. I saw some older photos online where it looks like they didn't always have a navel. Anyone know about this?
      EDIT I bought the doll for $40. It's abs. A hujoo baby doll. Her head is oversized for a baby but has adult features.
      Not in love
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    17. Tummy button!
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    18. I think depending on the pose it does look like they dont have it, look at my dolls profile, my pukipuku Joy kinda looks like she doesnt have it in this pose even if you can notice there is it close to the articulation (i cant get the picture because im on my phone), its because she is kinda bending even if she is just laying down
      So maybe you should ask the seller
    19. I asked Fairyland and this is what they told me: Arms 7cm, Body 16cm, Elastic circumference 1.5cm. Hope this helps!
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