Fairyland Realpuki discussion - part 19

Mar 12, 2017

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    2. Yay, 19 is my favourite number :) Both my Realpukis are languishing at Fairyland, a NS Soso and a Tan Titi. Haven't seen a lot of pics of Titi (I fell in love with those widdle cheeks) so if anyone has the time and inclination I would love some to help me wait :)
    3. Here's my Titi Trillium. She is the cutest thing!
      [​IMG]Trillium in red by Rosanne, on Flickr
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    4. We don't post much but we are always here enjoying all the cuteness.

      Pansy welcoming the new thread.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    5. Awww................love her with her little turtle!
      Nipper welcomes the new thread as well
      [​IMG]Sly Like a Fox by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    6. SOOOO cute! That's a really nice looking wig too, lovely color :)
    7. Just a quick photo of Marigold and her new dress!

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    8. New thread party! My Aki, Morticia, wants to join in with another of her new outfits. All the realpukis here are looking so amazingly cute!:)

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    9. She looks so cute. I am so in love right now.
    10. Yay, new thread spam! I love everyone's little mischief makers. Not sure if I shared this one in the last thread, but here's my Titi - Pippin.

      on Flickr
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    11. I love everyone's photos!:aheartbea My four all have new costumes but I haven't taken a photo yet. Hope to get to it tomorrow and add it to this post.

      And here it is. Four wee Scots have uncovered a leprechaun's pot of gold. My goodness! Think of all the things they can buy!
      [​IMG]IMG_2794 by Lorraine, on Flickr
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    12. Truly epic wig and loving his eyebrows too ;)
    13. Did you get behind your ears ok, Teddy?

      Here's my Titi, Poppy, newly arrived just last week. When the dust settled, I re-drew her eyebrows. :)

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    14. Oh, I just truly love her new eyebrows! What a difference they make to her overall expression! So cute!:)
    15. Thank you! I'm going to try n fix some of those dotted eyebrows next, maybe on Pano first as his is a bigger area to experiment on. :)
    16. Teddy needed a little help with those ears but we managed to get the boy squeaky clean El bjd. Poppy's eye brows are perfect :aheartbea
    17. Aww Poppy's eyebrows are perfect as are those cute cheery red cheeks! I'm wondering if perhaps the wall got a few scribbles? LOL
    18. I don't remember my toddlers moving so fast, lol!!!
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