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Fairyland Realpuki discussion - part 19

Mar 12, 2017

    1. @TatianaSL So... Roro knits the wonders you sell :lol:nice photo
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    2. :lol:Thank you)
    3. What a cute photo Tatiana. I need to teach my Realpukis to knit, that way they can make their own clothes.
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    4. An old photo, but you can see how wonderful it is when they're so willing to help out! :) This is Ashton and his sister, Ginger.

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    5. I’m amazed, my little guy should be here tomorrow! I’ve had domestic shipments take much longer.

      We love all of your beautiful knitted things @Tatiana...no wonder those teeny tiny stitches are so perfect when they are done by sweet roro’s little fingers.

      @desertmountainbear , yes, please get your little ones busy...we love your outfits too!

      @El BJD , how cute to see Ashton & Ginger enjoying their work. All mine want to do is shop online!
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    6. Great photo, she is adorable and looks like a very talented knitter too.
    7. Toki arrived! He’s adorable but very shy so no pictures yet. Truly however has never had a problem with being timid & loves dressing up & posing for pictures,

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    8. @Jonlyn - Congrats on Toki's arrival. Am I right in guessing that he needs a face-up? I can't wait to see him. Truly is looking adorable, as always.
    9. Thanks @vermont chick . Toki has a Fairyland face up that’s pretty cute but I prefer a little softer look so we’re waiting for a time to get together with my friend Todd as he does really sweet face ups & he knows exactly what I like. He is so talented & it fascinates me to watch how perfectly he does such tiny details.
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    10. If he's the one who paints all your dolls, I really like his soft and natural style.
    11. @vermont chick , Todd has done Poppy, my big eyed soso, Spencer, my pukifee & this sweet little soso, Sunday. The rest of my dolls have been done by ShellO and Heliantas. They each have unique styles & I couldn’t choose a favorite as I love what each of them does!
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    12. @Jonlyn - Sunday is so sweet! I don't remember seeing her before.
    13. Thank you @vermont chick . Little Sunday does deserve more attention. We’re having an ice storm today, freezing rain & just heard thunder! What a wild winter. Good day for doll time.
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    14. Flickr is a mess. Is anyone else having problems? I’ve been struggling with it for 2 days now & I’m so frustrated.

      Update! Flickr & I are friends again.
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    15. So glad you got your Flickr working, Jonlyn!!

    16. Thanks @El BJD. I am so technically challenged , I’m never sure if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s a problem on their end, so frustrating!
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