Fairyland Realpuki discussion - part 19

Mar 12, 2017

    1. Happy Spring from Teddy & Keely!

      Anyone else worrying that our darling RPs may not be produced again? It’s been so long, I’m feeling very discouraged.
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    2. Cuties!!
      Yes, I am worrying.
      It doesn’t look very promising that they will be produced again, but maybe we will get a happy surprise. Fingers crossed!
    3. Thanks @skyeyze . I’m trying to stay hopeful.
    4. I'm trying to stay hopeful too! On top of it all, Flickr doesn't like my Internet version on my older laptop, so I can't signon, so also can't post photos, grrr! The internet is up to date on this laptop though! A frustrating circle!
    5. Sorry you too are struggling with Flickr @El BJD . I finally found a way to post pictures but I still can’t reply by tagging people in comments. I feel bad as I do appreciate it when people take the time to leave comments.
      I’m losing hope that Fairyland will reopen the RP line.:atremblin
    6. Yah, nothing to look forward to, to make winter feel shorter, lol!
    7. Right & this seems to be the never ending winter. I just saw on the news that we may get yet another major snow storm next week. I love snow but even I have had enough now!
    8. Same here in southern Manitoba, Canada! The snow is slowly melting but there's still several feet of it all over my garden! The littles want to go out and play in the snow, but the old pooch and I just want to cuddle up in our comfy chair! lol
    9. Our snow is gone & today is beautiful, sunny & comfortable so it’s especially hard to think of going back to cold & snow! At least it won’t last long...I hope!
    10. It must be his cute little winkie eye giving him the wee devil look!! LOL
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    11. Oh my :love I think I know my next realpuki
    12. [​IMG]

      Poppy really wants some new playmates. Hope Fairyland doesn’t keep us waiting much longer.
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    13. @Jonlyn - Love the photo and totally agree with the sentiment.
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    14. Thank you @vermont chick . I can’t remember for sure but I’m thinking it must be at least two years since their last new RP sculpt. I’m starting to lose hope.
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    15. Don't give up! Maybe they'll surprise us one of these days. I don't even need new sculpts. I'd be happy if they let us buy the ones they previously released.
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    16. I agree, there are a couple of the older ones that I would still like to get too. Will continue to keep my fingers crossed even though they’re getting pretty tired!
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    17. Sad to see this thread so quiet. So disappointed with Fairyland. I’ve lost all hope for RPs coming back. Happy to have gotten an Aki face plate recently. I’ve searched & searched but I just haven’t found any tinies that I love.:...(
    18. Jonlyn, I just got a Kaka sp, but I'm just so busy in the garden, and with looking after my 18 yr old blind toy poodle. I never post much in the garden months, but I read the posts first thing in the morning and after it gets dark. :)
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    19. Hi @El BJD ! I’ve missed you & everyone here. Your sweet little poodle is so blessed to have such a loving & devoted mom! 18 is an amazing age! My 2 Silken Windhounds both turn 11 next month....thankfully both are very healthy & as active as youngsters. I haven’t had much doll time lately either but hope that will change soon. I’m not a gardener but my cousin’s wife is, their property is gorgeous with 3 ponds connected by waterfalls & flower gardens by the acre. I’m hoping to take my wee fairies there to take pictures soon. I’m happy that you got a kaka. I too have the kaka sp but poor baby doesn’t get much attention. Maybe the lack of new dolls will inspire me to dust off some of the neglected :love
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    20. Sad to see this thread so quiet. Like the rest of you, I’m so discouraged that Fairyland hasn’t released even the old sculpts. I really wish they’d tell us what the future of our sweet little RPs will be. Has anyone heard anything at all? I’m thrilled to have added Toki to my family. He’s with Shell right now & she’s given him the most adorable face up....as usual! Can’t wait to get him home. Perfect time as we are in for a miserable heatwave so it will be great to have a new little imp to pass the time with as I don’t plan to go out any further than the backyard to let my dogs out until it cools off...hmmm...I may be house bound until fall!