Fairyland Realpuki discussion - part 19

Mar 12, 2017

    1. When I emailed them last, Fairyland said the Realpuki line would return soon (and that the delay was because the injured line manager was still unable to return to work).

      Their use of soon has always been more of an 'in the future' than 'shortly' but I'd really love to see them return this year, especially with a tan option as I'd like to get Aki in tan, with her face-up.
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    2. Thanks for sharing that info @Donna80 , that’s a little encouraging!
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    3. Thank you, @Donna80 - at least that seems to indicate they're not going to stop them altogether. (If all this delay is because of their line manager's health issues, though, I feel sorry for him/her!! It's been such a long time!!)

      I still don't have a RP, and I would really like one. (I have my heart set on Tyni, although I also love Aki...)
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    4. [​IMG]

      Just got my Toki back from getting his darling face up by Elfinhugs . I’m so in love with this little guy!
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    5. He soo cute! Wig and makeup look like natural, i like more! My toki have a fairyland makeup, i like color but isn't unique.
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    6. Oh, what a sweet faceup! I absolutely, totally love him, @Jonlyn.:love The wig is adorable, too.
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    7. That’s good news to hope of return!
    8. Thank you @vermont chick & @Alixir ! I’ve had him for awhile but just got his face up so it’s like having a new doll.
    9. It's a good idea!
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    10. Your Toki is soooooo cute! He looks sweet in that outfit too, especially that outfit with the little leaves on his shoes. He looks like he could have a head full of mischief though. :wiggle
    11. Thank you @ElaineU ! He does look mischievous but he is also very sweet. I am so happy with him. He seems to love bees!
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    12. he is absolutely precious.
    13. Your Toki is adorable!!
    14. @Fairy Milliner & @Merlin's Mom , thank you so much! Getting his face up done is like having a brand new doll which really is fun & even more special with the future availability of my beloved little RPs so uncertain. I hope this thread picks up as I love seeing pictures & staying in touch with others who love these wee imps too.
    15. oh wow he is so sweet with that face-up , what a difference that makes, also the hair makes a lot of difference, it is so much more realistic. It will be great they will make more in future, but I would love them to make them a new size. like the size of pukifee but with the slender body of the realpuki....I do have a girl from bb flockling which is about 17 cm and slender, it would be great to have that size with realpuki heads:)
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    16. wilkies, I so agree with this. The realpuki heads are wonderful, but it would be great to have them on a slim pukifee height body. What a great scene with your little ones. Posing so many of those guys at one time boggles my mind. I love the Daisy Dayes creatures in your photo. They combine so well with the realpukis.
      Jonlyn, That's so cute with the bee. Toki's hair is wonderful.
    17. Thank you. @ElaineU . Oakley (Toki) is wearing a mink wig. I love it as the fine hair is the perfect scale for his size. We’re hoping to find a titi to complete our little family. So happy that I have as many RPs as I do but you can never have too many, right?

      Thank you @wilkies . You have so many beautiful dolls & your pictures are always so clever. I love my tiny RPs but another size would be great too. I just hope FL starts producing them again.
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    19. Thank you @ElaineU . Finding names is sometimes a real challenge & other times it’s almost like they tell me what it should be. Oakley was one of those , probably because he seems to be an outdoorsy kind of imp.

      This is my Truly. She & the rest of the girls are really hoping for a new sister titi as the boys are close to outnumbering the girls.
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    20. hey all

      can we all storm Fairyland?

      we all want the RealPuki re-release and might as well bring back Pukipuki

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