Fairyland Realpuki discussion - part 19

Mar 12, 2017

    1. You could always start a petition to let them know we need to order asap :)

      I'm having to finish my collection second hand, but I'd rather go straight to the source.

      I soo want a tan Aki :D
    2. Anyone need a RP fix?

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    3. Wonderful photo Xanadu Dolls. They are adorable, and I love their cute little outfits.
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    4. @Xanadu Dolls, this really made my day! Thanks, I needed that!:D
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    5. Fun photo, @Xanadu Dolls ! They look like a little singing group with one singing the lyric, one harmonizing and one humming along. Love the outfits! Thanks for the RP fix. Thanks, too, for reminding me that my crew could use some new clothes.:thumbup
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    6. Thank you @Xanadu Dolls , I did need a fix badly. Thanks for the darling picture!
    7. Thanks Joanne, the outfits were made by a lass on Etsy, she did a great job. :)

      I am so pleased they made your day, they are quite mischievous though, so I have to keep my eye on them. :)

      Thanks, you're welcome. Heehee! I guess they do, but I'm really not sure how harmonious they are though.

      Thank you these little guys make me smile every day.

      Here's another one!

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    8. I’m always so happy to see a new post here. The picture & your wee ones are so darling @Xanadu Dolls . The more time passes with no news about our little RPs coming from Fairyland the more I lose hope. They are my very favorite dolls & make up the majority of my collection so, even if FL doesn’t resume production I hope those of us who love these little characters will continue to share here.
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    9. Thank you Jonlyn, I wholeheartedly agree, it's always nice to see these tiny wee critters, as they have a habit of making you grin from ear to ear. :) Let's face it, we could all do with a good giggle these days. Like you, I also hope Fairyland does bring out some new little ones in the not too distant future, new releases always seem to spark fresh interest.

      I wonder, are there any others who feel the same way? We'd love to see some fresh faces on here. :)
    10. My Roro full set is the only RP in my collection and she has the default faceup's on both face plates and I love her way too much!! I would have loved to get a Tan RP, but they are just as scarce as the line itself.
    11. Delightful photo Xanadu Doll. The tree is fantastic, the whole scene magical.
    12. Could anyone tell me if Ginarolo 6mm eyes, which are round with a stem, will fit in a realpuki? Thank you!
    13. I was going to post a picture but Flickr is not cooperating with me!
      Sorry @rosalynmouse , I’ve never used Ginarolo eyes so don’t know if they would fit or not.
      I’m so discouraged. Just looked at Denver Dolls website & RealPukis aren’t even listed anymore. Sadly, I really don’t think we will ever see them come back. I really hope I’m wrong! I’m just tired of all of the evasive answers everyone’s gotten when asking about them. If Fairyland has no intention of producing them again, why not just say so!
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    14. [​IMG]

      Trying a new look for my silly Poppy.

      @El BJD , almost feels like FL is just teasing us doesn’t it! Of course I’d forgive them in a heartbeat if they started production again
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    15. i've been neglecting my dolls for the last year, but from the bit i've seen it almost seems like they are switching over to realfees instead, i love all my 'fees in every size, but my rp soso was my gateway drug to fairyland, and i'd hate to see them go! they are such a fun size to play with and make things for. i've always been something of a miniature nut!
    16. I’ve always loved tiny things too @auntbear . Always wanted a tiny fairy doll as a child but there wasn’t anything like that way back then so my RPs are my dream come true.
    17. Thank you Joanne, I sculpted the tree myself. :)

      Thank you, I wish I had a few more of these little critters. :)

      Oh this little one is simply delightful, what a happy smiling face and those eyes, WOW!!

      Now we could all do with more expressions like this. :)
    18. Thought the tree was great when I first saw it but now that I know you sculpted it it’s even more amazing @Xanadu Dolls ! I’m happy that you enjoyed seeing my Poppy. I ordered lots of new eyes last night. If I can’t have new RPs I might give some of them new looks. Some, but not many as once I feel I’ve found their character I could never change anything about them. I have extra face plates so it might be fun to see what I can do with them.....if anyone else is willing to share a body occasionally!