Resolved False Trade from GoddessDoll - RESOLVED

Jan 10, 2008

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      Since it has now been several months since I heard back from Michele regarding the absence of her half of our trade I feel I must report her here.

      I originally posted my Megi for sale here on DOA. Michele emailed me saying she had seen my post and noticed that I was saving for a Narae and offered to trade with me. She was very pleasant to deal with an emailed me promptly... up until I emailed saying that the USPS office reported that she had my Megi. I never heard any replies after that. She had also promised to return my Megi if for any reason Narae didn't show up, but since I can't seem to get ahold of her there seems to be no chance of that happening.

      I'm very sad to have lost a very nice doll and the hundreds of dollars he is worth. Also, it is sad to see him go to a person who would cheat someone like that.

      - Virginia
    2. What is Michele's username? How long has it been since the transaction took place, and the doll was delivered? You may want to consider contacting the police in her area if you believe she has stolen your doll or never intended to send you her part. Did she ever provide evidence that she had a Narae in hand?
    3. I don't know her username. She contacted me via email but I assume she must be a DOA member since she saw my marketplace post. She lives in the UK, so I don't know how I'd go about getting police help. She did provide a link to photos in her online photo account that were convincing enough. I really thought she was sincere and would be inclined to believe there was a problem with the package getting lost, except for the fact that I've lost contact with her since mid-November. It's like those cell phone commercials where one side of the conversation is lost and the other person assumes the worst on hearing only silence. What else am I supposed to think? And, well, there is also the fact that I'm not holding a Narae in my hands.
    4. If you PM me the town and county she lives in, I'll find out police details for you - I'm in the UK. With most British police forces, you can email them which should help.
    5. PMed you. Thanks!
    6. Responded. I'll also keep my eye on eBay for any Megis being sold from the UK. What skin type was he?
    7. I never even thought of that! :-(

      He is tanned. Here is a couple photos of him (the last outfit was sent with him):



    8. Does anyone know Michele's DOA id? If so, I will try sending her a PM too.

      I did talk to the Staffordshire police and I have all the info I need to take this to my police who will then work with them to try and resolve this issue. Just need to get my emails printed...
    9. Here is another pageing thread for GoddessDoll.

      GoddessDoll's status has been set to "Being Paged" so she can no longer browse the forum as invisible. I hope you are able to get in touch with her, ForeverVirginia.
    10. She's also on Flickr as michele_xx, but the only photos she has up are of Blythes - no BJDs. (I checked in case she had posted pics of your Megi.)
    11. Ok, it looks like things are getting sorted out now.

      I finally got a reply from Michele on her flickr Mail account. Apparently she didn't receive any of my emails or other efforts to contact her. We have agreed on a cash settlement so she can keep Megi and I can put the money towards a new Narae which is very agreeable to both of us.

      I greatly appreciate everyone's efforts to help me - you all went above and beyond simple sympathy and helped get action on this. THANK YOU!!

      Michele has already sent almost half of the money and I will update this thread as to the ongoing status. Hopefully very soon I can close the book on this mess and buy my Narae. :)

      - Virginia
    12. Seems Michele has made quite the name for herself for bad dealings in the Blythe world already, particularly over on LJ where she currently goes by the names shellbxx and queenie_xx (her original account, queeniexx, was deleted and purged). If you go check back through past entries on the bad_dolly_deals community on LJ, she crops up again and again.

      These are the entries I found with just a bit of poking:

      Entry from July 06 - she was trading under the name ShellB at that time.
      October 06 - more deals going badly.
      March 07 - she commented on this one with her queenie_xx account.
      August 07 - she commented on this one with her shellbxx account.

      Apparently she's had 4 different eBay IDs as well.

      So it would be well for people to be wary about doing any future deals with her.
    13. All paid up!

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