Fantasy yosd clothes

Oct 3, 2016

    1. Like the title says, does anyone know of places to get specifically these kind of Clothes? Most yosd clothes I've seen for sale are cutesy and very modern style
    2. KhalonDolls on Etsy makes some nice looking fantasy items. I haven't bought any yet, but they've been on my wish list.

      Is there a certain fantasy style, concept or outfit you're looking for? It seems like a broad category.
    3. @Lokinta thank you! And actually, I was kind of broadly speaking so I'm sorry if that's unhelpful. I was just trying to see if there was anything i liked, since my doll is based off a fantasy character of mine, and I didnt really have any clear ideas. I just knew most places i looked the clothes were too contemporary for what I was feeling
    4. Etsy is good to check out.

      Not much up at the moment but PixiedustDesigns makes lots of tiny clothes. She's on DoA as clochette.
      Pixidust Designs by PixidustDesigns

      Fairyland makes lots of fantasy dolls and they have a clothes section... I can't remember what sizes would fit Yo-sized, though.

      Soom makes fantasy dolls, but most of their outfits are only sold for a while and then get sold out. You might find some in the Marketplace (after you gain Marketplace privileges) , though.

      Check out 1/6 clothes from various companies... some with have some fantasy styles.

      But it's true--most styles are cutesy and child-like.
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