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Favorite and Least favorite doll companies

Apr 21, 2016

    1. What's your favorite and least favorite doll companies and why?
      For me my least favorite doll company is SOOM. I love their sculpts, there's one I want in fact. But All of there stuff is sold out constantly. I wish they would just leave their dolls for sale and stop with all the limited time things. I get that it's a money making strategy but wouldn't they make more if they just left them up for sale? That sculpt that I wanted I can't get because it's not for sale anymore. That's money they missed out on for having all these limited buying time frames. It's not even worth my time to keep my eye on the site to check for dolls I might want because I can't afford one out of the blue like that. I still think it's a fine company with nice dolls (obviously, look how popular the SOOM Dia is) but I probably won't ever own a SOOM if only for the fact that the one I want isn't available and I can't spend that much money all at once on something. I also don't really care for VOLKS but only those god awful Dolfie Dream sculpts. (No hate for anyone with a Dolfie dream doll, it's just not my cup of tea) But I blame that dislike on my hatred of all things anime.

      I don't think I really have a favorite doll company right now. There's certainly ones that stand out for my like Doll Chateau, it's as if Tim Burton designed dolls, and I love the way they're bodies are so spidery and thin limbed. I want more than one LUTS doll (in fact I plan to order my first one from LUTS) but I don't really have a favorite. I think lots of companies put out beautiful dolls and I hope to own some of these companies beautiful dolls one day.
      So that's my two cents on my favorite/least favorite companies. What about you? What company do you dislike and why? Which one do you love and why?
    2. Seems like I have similar taste to you :)

      I have mostly artist dolls, but from the bigger companies I am a fan of both Fairyland and Doll Chateau. Doll Chateau because they're unique and gorgeous and I'm still kind of in shock that they exist, they feel like they were made for me hahaha. Fairyland is a little more outside my aesthetic, with the big eyes and cute round faces and general cartoonishness - I'm with you and I don't like anime, and it's a rough thing not to like in this hobby lol - but every once in a while they win me over with some great fantasy parts and costume design. And of course the posability is great; the first time I touched a Fairyland doll was when I received my Pano, and I was like DOLLS CAN POSE LIKE THIS??

      For companies that I don't like, I feel like that's harder to say since the ones I really don't like I just would never buy from. But among companies I have bought from... I also have some simmering resentment of Soom, haha. Every experience I've had with them has been an obstacle course of problems and misunderstandings. They've sent a doll without s hooks, with the wrong serial number so you can't get customer support, they've cancelled my order without telling me, just all sorts of nonsense. But even before I was mad about those things, I've always felt there's something just a little off about Soom dolls. They have all these different fantasy parts, and I looove fantasy parts, but there's something sort of samey about them. Seems like they're just cranking out as many variations as they can with as little new work as possible. Or maybe it's just a design by committee thing. It's marketable fantasy. I dunno. They are sort of the McDonalds of fantasy BJDs :P I keep looking at the stuff they make though, so I guess I can't hate them too much.
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    3. I'm not a big fan of dollpamm. I love their sculpts, but $300+ for a 1/6 doll that you advertise as a "maid cat" and then you don't include the tails and ears and make someone pay extra? No thanks.
    4. Favorites: Crobidoll, Migidoll, Luts, Mystic Kids, Doll Leaves.. there are a few others, but those are the big ones. Can you tell I have a type? :) I really love the aesthetics of those companies, particularly how they're kind of a less realistic style, but not to the point of weirdness. I love that they're all very different and have different bodies, etc., and aesthetics, but they aren't so far out of "normal" doll sizing that I have to buy specific clothing that is only for one particular doll for any of them -- an SD boy from Luts or Migidoll or Doll Leaves will fit virtually any clothes for SD13 boys, and my Crobidoll boy fits 70cm doll clothes just fine. I don't have to go searching for special, expensive clothes just got "Migidoll SD boy" or something. They can share lmao. Also, most of these companies aren't on the super-expensive end (Crobi and Luts are a little more expensive, but MK and DL are downright inexpensive and the same quality IMO), so I can reasonably save up for them and still pay the rent. :p

      Least Favorites: Soom, because as someone else said -- something kinda off about them, plus the prices are ridiculous imo. I wanted a doll from them once, a tiny, and at some point I realized I could get two minis for the price of one tiny from them... :\ Doll Chateau and the new Dollzone, because I hate hate HATE the whole "little tiny itty bitty little girl top of torso and giant flared out hips" thing they both have going on with their girls, plus for me they're just way too expensive, and they have the issue of needing super-specialized clothing that costs much more than clothing for dolls with more "average" sizes (I'm also really not a fan of Doll Chateau's attempts to be "shocking" and "gothic" by doing things like Siamese twin dolls and stuff, because that's just kind of a gross thing to do IMO). The last one is definitely Fairyland, because I don't really love the aesthetic that much (eyes are way too big, faces way too young), they're much too expensive, and you run into the specialized clothing issue with them a lot especially since their minis are smaller even than a lot of slim MSD clothing; Also, I had a really bad experience ordering from them once, waited much longer for my dolls than I was told I would have to, and one of them arrived borked in such a way that I couldn't photograph it (so, no getting a new body) but which made posing them... frustrating, to say the least. Lastly, I'm not really a fan of Volks or that aesthetic, either, though some of their dolls are cute -- there's no way I'd pay that much for one, though, or jump through the hoops needed to get one.
    5. Interesting, I still haven't quite put my finger on what is off about them, so I'm intrigued to hear others feel the same way.

      Aw, huge hips is my favorite! lol

      Okay, I'll give you that one :P My doll collection is a clothing nightmare
    6. lmao @Marjie I actually went and have sold off MOST of my clothing nightmare dolls.. the Minifees, for example, are long gone. I do still have a few awkward ones (my Iplehouse girls are kind of a pain, and so is my Souldoll girl, but I love them too much to get rid of them lol) but I definitely don't want to bring any new dolls into my life that need super expensive specialty clothing lol. I have trouble affording new dolls as it is! :p
    7. Yeah, I actually have a super fancy spreadsheet where I keep track of all the measurements for all my dolls. I shop with a calculator :P

      Actually I was surprised that you say minifees are a weird size, because my minifee is the most normal sized doll I have lol. When I got her I was like, I can buy.... any clothes... I want...
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    8. Favorites: Hands down, I love the aesthetics of Doll in Mind, they have a very classic sort of style that fits my personal style perfectly. So I'm usually drawn to companies that offer dolls with a similar type of look-Little Monica, Crobidoll, Peakswoods, Doll Leaves.

      Least Favorites: Admittedly there are a lot of companies I'm not crazy about, but I sort of put them on a neutral list as opposed to actively disliking them. The only company I can really think of that turns me sour is Doll Chateau. Or more primarily, their very disproportionate bodies that strike me as trying too hard to be edgy and make my stomach churn. I think if I was judging on head sculpts alone I could actually like quite a few of them as they share many similarities to those of the companies I really like, but their overall look is an instant turn off.
    9. Favorites: I'm a huge fan of RS Doll, Little Monica, and Ringdoll. I love the look of RS Doll's sculpts! If I could own all of their dolls I definitely would. I also admire ResinSoul for being so affordable while having really lovely sculpts.

      Least Favorites: Probably Doll-Chateau, mostly because their dolls aren't my style and I'm not fond of their overall aesthetics. I'm not really a fan of Volks' Dolfie Dreams either mostly because the faces look really off to me.
    10. Favorites: Luts, Volks, Little Rebel. Luts because it's easy to shop with them, I love their body sculpts, posing and proportions, and I love that their brown skin doesn't cost extra. Also, they have lots of high quality clothing and accessories, and ship within a reasonable amount of time. Volks because I love how heavy their resin is, the one touch system makes dressing and restringing super easy, and their resin colors basically set the standard so hybridding is easy. Little Rebel because they're unique sculpts, fit many bodies, are good resin, come in a cute little head box and the customer service is outstanding. Even on preorders, my head shipped within weeks.

      Least favorites: Bobobie, ResinSoul, MiroDoll, Nefer Kane and Cerise Dolls. Bobobie because I've had a bad experience with extremely delayed shipping, poor customer service and a poorly packaged broken doll that took twice as long to get replacement parts as it did to get the doll. Also not a fan of the proportions and large noses with lack of chin in person. ResinSoul is also an issue with proportions. The arms seem too short on most of their dolls, and they don't pose well without a lot of work, though I do like some of their head sculpts and variety of color options. MiroDoll because the one that I bought felt unfinished with some terrible seams and sanding and she was unable to even sit or stand without restringing and sueding, but because of the super low price, I also feel that I can't complain too much, I just probably won't buy from them again. Nefer Kane and CeriseDolls have very strange proportions and faces that are very unappealing to me, especially the tiny shoulders/chest with gigantic hips. I haven't owned one, so I don't know anything about the company, quality or service. This is purely based on appearance and personal preference.

      Another interesting note: A year ago, I would have stuck 5Star Doll at the top of my most hated list. Love their sculpts, but I'd had nothing but bad luck with the company. Wait times five times longer than listed, full dolls whose heads didn't match their bodies, lack of communications, missing event items....I had sworn them off forever. But a few months ago, my sister placed an order with them and she got her doll in just over a month, perfectly packed, with extras, in perfect condition, and it was an excellent transaction. She gave me the free event head, and that boy has quickly stolen my heart. So 5Star Doll is the company I hated that has redeemed itself and now I'd consider buying from them again. It's taught me that things can turn around and not to completely rule out any possibility.
    11. My favorite company is Soom. I love their sculpts and fantasy parts; it's what really drew me into the hobby and hooked me. I've always received excellent customer service from them if anything went wrong. Their faceups and blushing has looked like the promo for each of the dolls I have purchased, so everything was just as advertised. Outfit quality has also been great. Shipment of my items has always been timely and they pack everything so carefully. One of my boxes looked like it had been impaled during shipping (you could stick a hand in and touch the Soom pillow on the inside) but everything inside was perfectly safe due to their meticulous packing and bubble wrap. I feel that the price is fair for what they offer, and comparable with other companies of the same caliber. I also really like Migidoll's sculpts, and I'm a fan of Dollshe's quality.

      I don't really have a least favorite company, but I have an Angel of Dream body for my Migidoll head that has the weirdest wrist joints that pop out of place all the time. I'm considering swapping it out for a Volks body. I was also not that impressed with the customer service I received from Latidoll when my order was continuously delayed and then arrived damaged. The box they shipped my Largo in was a piece of crap, and so was the actual box for their Black Line. This is the only box I have that is falling apart. The doll itself is beautiful though. I don't care for the aesthetic of Doll Chateau, but I've never owned one so I couldn't really comment on anything else. They're interesting, just not my cup of tea.
    12. I have a lot of favorites LOL. I'll start with Soom: to me they're one of the most creative companies out there. Sure, a lot of their big boys have similar faces, but look at all the diversity elsewhere! All those fantasy parts, a rainbow of resin colors, beautiful faceups, unique props and outfits... I could go on. The "two weeks to one month only" type of sales are definitely an irritating gimmick, but with layaway or some luck on the secondhand market (and that luck is often good; many people buy Sooms just because of the limited factor and then don't want them) it's surprisingly easy to get a hold of them.

      The one thing that DOES turn me off about Soom is their lack of response to accusations of art theft. They're very creative, so I find it incredibly disheartening that they might be stealing from lesser-known artists. So that's a thing.

      But onto less controversial companies... Luts! I love Luts. I love their centaurs, I love their face sculpts, and most of all, I love their bodies. They pose and stand like champions, I can't get enough of them. Hands down my favorite bodies I own are both Luts. I'm also fond of Peakswoods, even though I down own any yet. They just have this very ethereal, beautiful style that's so unique to them. I'm fond of a lot of artists, too, like HTT and Sweet Gale and Enaibi (though I know I'll never own one). Oh, and Resinsoul/Bobobie! I don't own any, and currently have no plans to, but that company just seems so sweet and accommodating, and they offer a large variety of services for a great price. And on the topic of sweethearts, Harucasting seems precious.

      As for companies I don't like... Well, I have to start with Dollpamm. Their aesthetic isn't really my cup of tea, like, at all. The faces look squished to me and the bodies are sort of hyper-sexualized in a way I can't explain. Just really not fond of the way they look (except Arubi, that one was gorgeous). I also gotta say I'm not a huge fan of Latidoll, but that's nothing to do with aesthetic; I've just seen way too many bad experiences with their customer service (or lack thereof). Honestly I can't think of any others right now. I used to dislike Fairyland but they've grown on me. I used to dislike Iplehouse until I saw them in person with non-company faceups. So... I'm pretty cool with everyone else.
    13. 5th Motif, Sweet Gale, Glorydoll, and Little Monica are my favorite aesthetic. Fairyland too, but primarily for the bodies, though I find the faces cute sometimes none have spoken to me to the point of wanting to buy.

      Least favorite... I have a love-hate thing towards Volks. On the one hand there are a few Volks sculpts that I love, primarily the Lucas/Chris/F16 and related (they're often referred to as the "Lucai family" of sculpts as they are really just variations of the same sculpt). There's also a nostalgic appeal as these were obviously the first bjds ever.

      But on the other hand, I personally find Volks both overrated and overpriced. I've owned the SD17 body and it was hands down my absolute least favorite doll body ever in proportion to how much it costs. I also find various of Volks'... eccentricities irritating; it often seems to me they're selling exclusivity rather than any actual increase in quality.

      But on the other other hand, I still love old F16 so much that I am patiently haunting Mandarake waiting for one to pop up at an ok price. So, what can I say, Volks is like that one old flame that you've decided isn't worth it but you're still tempted to go back to now and then.

      And I guess I could try to rattle off a list of other least favorites but frankly if I don't like the look of a company's dolls I'm probably not even going to remember the company name.
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    14. I love the creative type sculpts. I think owning a doll with different proportions and curves (I love love curves) is just so interesting and more fun to customize

      Favorite doll companies: Luts, WithDoll, Mystic Kids, Dolli-pop (because I own one and adore her), Doll Chateau and Dollzone, Dust of Dolls, and Merry Doll Round. I don't own any dolls from most of these companies but they are definitely on my list.

      Least favorite: I'm going to have to agree I don't like Soom or Volks, although the anime styled Volks give me anime nostalgia feelings I can't ignore. I'm not a fan of Fairyland either, it might be because their molds don't interest me and I see so many of the darn things I think I've grown tired of them. I might be the only one who thinks this...but I don't necessarily like Lillycat either? I mean, some of their faces are gorgeous but I'm not a fan of some of the bodies.

      I hope to expand this list since I'm new and I have yet to really draw any more conclusions on some of the other companies.
    15. Favourite companys: Fairyland, Dimdoll & Dollzone. I own dolls from all 3 of these companies and they are companies that I continue to go back and look at on a more frequent basis. There are other companies that I like or own dolls from but I wouldn't say that they have enough sculpts I want in order to make them a fav.

      Least Favourite: Doll Chateau & Nafer Kane. I'm really on a fan of the super distorted features from these two companies. Nothing against anyone who owns dolls from the companies but I can't see myself ever owned them.
    16. Well, my most favourite, hands down has to be the Impldoll. There mostly the big Idol men. Great sculpts, fantastic body. In the end, there will be 6 of them here. Generally, I do prefer more realistic sculpts. I do adore Dollshe (David & Co. here) but couldn't yet talk myself into getting one of the sculpts. The Whispering Grass heads are also very tempting (though I do not think I will need a second Thor or Loki). I also liked Iplehouse a lot, but the value for money seems not that great to me any longer. The faces have gotten a bit boring, and though I love looking at their EID bodies, I hate handling one. So only a Carina head and a SID are left living with the crew.

      Least favourite? Probably Soom and Doll Chateau. I also can't imagine ever buying from Luts. I hate fully grown man bodies with the head of a 14 year old boy. The big Soom guys do all look the same to me now. I liked the older sculpts, also sometimes had interesting concepts, but now they are mostly repeating themselves.
      And Doll Chateau...well, they mostly just creep me out. I even avoid looking at news from them here or photoshots with dolls containing them.
    17. Ha ha ha, aaaargh me too! It drives me nuts, it's so creepy and they're everywhere! I guess the same is basically true for girls too, but the boys creep me out more, guess it's probably a U.S. versus East Asia thing. Anyway, I really like toned but slender adult male bodies, but it's basically impossible to find a nice slender male body with an actual adult head - in fact, this is one of the many things that I turn to Doll Chateau for, I don't think I've found anything else I like really.
    18. I feel weird saying that my two fave companies are so different: Mystic Kids and Doll Chateau. x'D I guess I just like them for different reasons? I love the soft, traditional doll-like quality of MK, and I also love the spindly, kinda Tim Burton-y look of DC.

      As for least favourite, I guess the only company I tend to shy away from is Volks, specifically the super anime-esque Dollfie Dream sculpts. They're so... distracting, I guess? It's weird to me to see a BJD with anime eyes...
    19. Well, I like almost every doll company because it's really up to the mold and their concept. Some molds from company A are very gorgeous but some not, although they are from the same.
      But as for the least favorite, I would say...Doll Chateau (Their dolls are cool, just a bit too thin for my taste.) and Fairyland. (I owned a MNF and it quite disappointed me.)
    20. Favorite: LUTS! My first boy came from Luts, and it was an all-around lovely experience, and I just love everything about him. I love the weight and the feel of his resin, his sweet face... plus, since I didn't get one of the popular molds, I never get the feeling like I see him everywhere.

      Least Favorite: Urgh, I hate to name a 'least favorite'... I mean, I sometimes feel frustrated by Soom, I suppose, and I'm not a fan of some of the Doll Chateau sculpts-- though in that case it's down to my arachnophobia-- but I have yet to actually order from Soom so my frustrations are pretty moot, and my dislike of Doll Chateau has nothing to do with how well they do their jobs, so... I dunno.