Favorite Doll Clothes Brands

Sep 4, 2017

    1. What are your favorite doll clothing brands?
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    2. I only own SD boys and I gotta say Freedom Teller is one of my favorites since I mostly commission clothing for them :) The price is in the high range, but the quality is definitely in the high range as well.
    3. Tous Les Garcons. I want everything!!
    4. I really love TTYA! The detail is incredible, and the clothes are really impeccably made. They're a little on the pricey side, but it's honestly worth it. And they have a lovely casual/cool style that's hard to find anywhere else! (And lots of different sizes.)
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    5. Nine9style! They have the most amazing outfits, both modern and old fashioned!
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    6. I really like getting clothes from rRabit. They're clothes is super cute and pretty cheap.
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    7. Freedom Teller has a divine selection for SD sized dolls, though they are also coming up with MSD sized clothes these days! Nine9Style is another one of my personal favourites! They carry a variety of clothes ranging from modern to vintage and their quality is impeccable, too :-)
    8. I also like the clothes from FeerieDollAtelier, the prints and design is unique.
    9. I don't have a ton of clothes but I really like the clothes I have from Nine9style as well as AngelGardenByChilly. They're really good quality and the little details are perfect. They're both on the pricier side but worth it in my opinion.
    10. I mostly own SD, and these are my faves:
      -Nine9 Style
      -Tree Design
      -Dollheimr (Etsy)
      -Tata's Paradise

      For Minifee:
      -FeerieDollAtelier (Etsy)
      -Karapisdiza (Etsy)
      -GelatoBabyHandmade (Etsy)
      -GYHM (Etsy)
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    11. My favorite is definitely @Kastalia 's brand, AnC2H. Her clothes are super well-made, adorable, and her prices are great too!
      I also like DollHeart, VOLKS, and rRabit.
      And there are some etsy shops that I've had my eye on but haven't actually bought anything from yet like Guppykisses, Kalcia, MoriTime and FeerieDollAtelier.
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    12. I am not a fan of modern clothing so my top go to places are:

      Most of the clothing my dolls wear are from these three places. Soom is nice too, but unless you can jump in and buy that limited outfit in the brief ordering time, you are out of luck getting much of anything from them.
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    13. My favourite places for clothes are
      Nine9 Style
      Freedom Teller
    14. While I enjoy DollHeart's designs, I don't love their website's loading times. Volks too has attractive outfits, faster loading, and a security symbol next to their address.

      Does anyone else look out for security signs when they shop for doll clothes?
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    15. My faves:-

      Sunflower Doll (sadly their website closed down so I can no longer purchase from them),
      Tata's Paradise

      As well as various Etsy sellers such as ChocolateHandmade and Cyristinecreations :)
    16. I absolutely love cyristinecreations! Their stuff is so cute.
    17. [QUOTE Does anyone else look out for security signs when they shop for doll clothes?[/QUOTE]
      Oh yes saraquill I absolutely look out for a security padlock on any website I purchase from now. Many people don't and frustratingly numerous sites especially based in Asian countries don't have a security protocol in place and so they won't get my custom. I once purchased from a (well known) site that didn't have a padlock icon thinking the security would kick in once I sent my data, it didn't. A few weeks later I discovered someone had taken out a loan in my name and all they needed to do so was my name, address and phone number which many of these BJD sites ask for initially but with no security protocol. Hence you are vulnerable to identity fraud. Fortunately the loans company could tell that it was a professional con because they gave some details which didn't match mine at all, but I won't take that risk again with ANY of my data. It's surprising how many people don't realise this and think as long as they only give their payment details through a paypal link they are okay. But this isn't true, a fraudster only needs some of your personal information to commit identity fraud, which many of these sites ask for without security in place....grrrr!!!
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    18. Prolly bear seller from taobao :D
    19. Where is Nine9 Style's site? I keep hearing great things about their clothes but can't find them. In the meantime I like cozycape on eBay & Dollmore. Love DollHeart but they're too expensive except for an occasional indulgence.
    20. When it comes to companies that actively make and let you buy clothing, these have my favorite modern and fantasy styles;

      TREE Design

      And for smaller pre-order individuals I love window shopping these;
      Klesis (makes some clothes for Volks also)
      Tableu Vivant

      But I doubt I can ever afford or be at a convention where I coud buy their clothing.

      This is their site: [nine9style] - Welcome to joyful online shopping!
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