Favorite Doll Clothes Brands

Sep 4, 2017

    1. Tous les Garcons, Freedom Teller, Sadol, TTYA, Volks, Luts, Dollheart.
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    2. Dollheart and Soom
    3. I like feeriedollatelier and blackcarouselBJD! I have two SDs, but my collection is mostly MSD
    4. My unrivalled favorite is Sadol. Their quality and fitting is awesome. Too bad that some outfits are sold out for good, but they come up with new ones often.
      Next in line comes Freedomteller, Iplehouse, DollHeart. Tout le Garcons makes amazing clothes, but they are well beyond reasons with their price tags. I also love Angell-Studio's traditional Chinese clothes.
    5. Cienna.V is a brand that I like :XD:
    6. Freedom Teller. It's just too beautiful
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    7. I love Rrabit, Codenoir, Volks clothes.
      Also, I really like Wimukt on Etsy.
    8. MdeH, Nine9, Freedom Teller, Sadol, TTYA
    9. MdeH and Volks! :)
    10. Freedom Teller - actual tailoring done & well worth the price.
      rRabit - the quality is excellent & the price not so steep.
      DollHeart - wayyyy too futsy for me usually, but decent quality clothes & interesting details. Their fukubukuro bags are cool!
      My sewing machine LOL
    11. I also love rRabit, especially for my more mori-style or old-fashioned-style girls like Ezra and Wilhelmina. I also like guppykisses and Starshine design from Etsy for Kit, who is more modern.
    12. Volks, Luts
    13. I like.........

      Alice's collection

    14. Regarding Tous le Garcons - if it is the chinese store I am thinking of and you see a price of 1000 usd or more that is because they have sold out and keep the post up, probably for portfolio preferences. A lot of taobao sellers do that and I believe it is to make sure no-one buys a discontinued product. If you go to the store an outfit costs about the same as sadol.
    15. I like mosica.
      I like clothes that look fluffy or feathers or lace.
      Could you please advice me the clothes for 1/8, Lati Y?
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    16. I have manly SD boys so the ones I usually look at is Tata’s paradise, Bear, or I also look a lot on taobao~
    17. omg yes they have such pretty clothes ;-;
    18. I like Freedom Teller and Nine9Style for their modern/classic wardrobes, and rRabit if I'm looking for something different.
    19. My all time fave is still Souldoll for clothing, although the sizes are not necessarily perfect for my collection! I have been totally out of the loop for a couple of years here, too busy with a million other things to have time for BJDs. I am not familiar with Tous Le Garcons, but tried to find them. I found a link to Taobao, is there another place to look at their clothing?