Favorite Doll Clothes Brands

Sep 4, 2017

    1. Freedom Teller!!!!I really like their suits!
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    2. Nine9 is one of my favourites
    3. Freedom teller for larger ones and doll heart for the little ones
    4. I use to like dollzone until they got cheap with their quality and they started falling apart at the slightest touch. I literally had clothes disintegrate as I put them on my doll. The dolls are great, just not the clothes. I kind of like dollmore and nine9style at the moment
    5. i have many dolls with same sizes so always buy in same shops: Mostro designs, Eternal Dolls and ninia´s shop
    6. I love Dollheart's Fers, but they have not made new ones in years, and I don't really care for Dollheart's other clothing.
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    7. I like a lot Dollheart clothes. I'm also addicted to Infinite Love kimono.
    8. I love uncledeer's clothing so much, but its very hard to buy :(
    9. just discovered this thread! this is so helpful - i will have to check out all these different creators.
    10. Boneka

    11. I'm a big fan of TTYA. Their clothes are stylish and come in styles for both boys and girls (important since most of my dolls are male), and they come in several sizes. For my handful of tinies I like Sammy's Treat Shop and Nubanded (both Etsy stores). They produce clothes in a nice range of colors and sizes, and the quality is nice.
    12. Freedom Teller definitely gets my vote! :3nodding: Everything they make is high quality and feels very polished.
    13. I have MSD and YoSD. My favorite cloth brands are cadenza hiya and Lanlanzi. But their dresses are to difficult to buy because many people love.
    14. I own outfits by Doll Solo and BIA, and they're beautiful and high quality. Love their aesthetics and would definitely buy from those two makers again if they have something I like.

      I also have some secondhand Sadol stuff and it's fantastic. Too bad Sadol discontinued the pink school uniform that I really wanted. :(

      I don't own any yet, but I can't stop myself from staring at Xiaomaowang's kimonos. Some day....
    15. Freedom Teller (Accept custom sizing orders for particular dolls.)
      Odd Aristocratic (Accept custom sizing orders.)
      Time Slit (They offer some seriously beautiful and detailed full set. Just bought the "Aldudenie" set and it's gorgeous; also accept custom sizing orders)
      Lan Qian Tang (Amazing suits, accept custom sizing orders.)
      An example of Lan Qian Tang's works.
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    16. I’m an absolute Dollheart junkie for buying my girls cute outfits. I also like select Souldoll outfits, Freedom Teller, and Ringdoll.
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    17. Doll heart, their European style is really awesome, and their lucky bag is very good!
      And some of the Chinese artist's ancient clothes style. like fan lou.
    18. I like TTYA, Nine9style and Iplehouse. Some Soom and Luts, too. Oh and SartoriaJ, some of their outfits are also great.
    19. I recently did a clean out of my doll closet and it urns out I own mostly H Naoto brand clothes! So that's my bias!~
    20. I love Nine9style and I follow a lot of really amazing clothing makers on etsy!